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Indori Ishq highlights how the rules of love are different for boys and girls


‘Jaane de na yaar, you didn’t deserve her’, ‘Let’s go party and you’ll forget about her’, ‘Be a man and move on’ – how many times have you heard something like this said to men after a break up?

Traditionally, men have faced harsh criticism for being unfaithful in a relationship but when circumstances are reversed, it seemingly becomes less of an issue for a woman to be cheating on her man.

Whether they like it or not, mard ko bhi dard hota hai and expecting them to move on immediately while suppressing their emotions leads to multiple crises.

Through an interesting promo that brings this imbalance to the fore, the series – Indori Ishq, asks an important question – are our reactions the same when it comes to the rules of love for both sexes?

Speaking about the same, the show’s director Samit Kakkad said, “Relationships can sustain only if both individuals are equally invested in making it work.

With Indori Ishq, we’ve highlighted how Kunal falls prey to the cheating ways of Tara but he’s so madly in love that he is willing to overlook her infidelity, he’s on the verge of losing his self-respect and he unwittingly pushes himself into a world of pain.

However, the reactions from society would have been far worse had the tides been turned in Tara’s favour and it is this stereotype that we are aiming to shatter with this narrative.”

MX Original Series ‘Indori Ishq’ takes us through a lovelorn GenZ aashiq’s journey of unrequited love and his journey of being the victim of an unfaithful relationship.

The narrative tries to explore how the rules of commitment and being faithful in a relationship are so very drastically different for both sexes.

This 9 episodic drama stars Ritvik Sahore and Vedika Bhandari in the lead. All episodes can be streamed for FREE on MX Player, starting 10 June 2021.

Watch the promo here

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