Insight Into Peak Potential And Inclusive Consciousness

It was a packed house at the ST PAULS Institute of Communication Education, Bandra, as Viveck Shettyy took centre stage to conduct

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Insight Into Peak Potential And Inclusive Consciousness

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It was a packed house at the ST PAULS Institute of Communication Education, Bandra, as Viveck Shettyy took centre stage to conduct a masterclass on Mindfulness, Peak Potential and Inclusive Consciousness. Yogi, Mystic and Life Coach Viveck Shettyy had the audience spellbound and listening in rapt attention for almost two hours as he waxed eloquent on these intriguing subjects.This masterclass was an interesting combination of real-life stories practical day to day techniques and brilliant insights into the future. More importantly, it was highly interactive and many questions raised by enthusiastic and curious students were successfully addressed. Viveck Shettyy laid down the context very clearly at the beginning by asserting that most of the chaos in human lives and human world was largely a consequence of chaos in the human mind. He further went on to give a fascinating and riveting insight into the various components of the human mind that included memory, intellect, identity and peak intelligence.

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His characteristic wit and humor came into sharp focus when he stated that for a large section of the population, Monday is miserable and almost everybody is looking forward to the weekendIf we are looking forward to the weekend then on an average 5 to 6 days a week are miserable and he backed it up with a question "do you want a joyful life or a miserable life?". As the session progressed, various techniques and practical tips were shared on how to make Monday joyful.Almost twenty minutes of this master class was devoted to sharing practical exercises and tips to develop concentration and focus. These exercises were specially designed keeping in mind the lack of attention span in the new age internet and social media generation. Viveck Shettyy's observations on relationships and love were applauded and appreciated by the packed gathering. He opined that while the idea of two trying to become one was fantastic very few have paid attention to the process. Though every relationship is a variable, we expect it to be a constant simply because we do not understand the mechanics and the dynamics that govern relationships. More often than not relationships have become an entanglement rather than enrichment.

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He concluded the session by giving an engrossing insight into consciousness and describing it as a super information highway that truly had the capability to expand our level of awareness and thereby our intelligence. He also had the audience to participate in a few exercises that would give them a first-hand experience of the process of expansion of consciousness. ST PAULS Institute of Communication Education, Bandra is a unit of the Pauline Family with a Vision to be the premier institute of media studies in India and to become an institution of academic reference in areas of communication, media studies, and technology that integrates theoretical and practical knowledge, associated with cultural and humanistic values, coupled with creativity and innovation.Its Mission is to enrich human value by training people in the areas of communication, media studies and media technology, with theoretical and practical knowledge, to work with professionalism, ethics and social responsibility.

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