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Interesting! Pushpa’s anxiety at peak as she waits for her exam results in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible


The last few weeks on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible have been a roller coaster ride of drama, emotions, and entertainment for the audience. Whether it’s Pushpa’s valiant fight for a second chance at education and the way her loved ones supported her through it, or her selfless act of foregoing her chance at success to support kids in need, the show has left us wanting more.

When the students at the school begin collapsing one after the other during exams, Pushpa is unable to suppress her instincts and abandons her exams in order to help the students and prepare an antidote for them. This, however, only adds to her mountain of problems because the chances of her taking the exam appear to be slim. Her act of kindness paid off though as the grateful parents to appeal to the board to give Pushpa a second chance. To avoid the heat, the board agrees to let her take the examination. But the bigger issue has yet to arise because giving the exams is only half as difficult as waiting for the results, and this is Pushpa’s most important test.

Will Pushpa pass or fail the final test of her academic journey?

Karuna Pandey who plays the role of Pushpa shares, “We all know that giving exams is a task but waiting for your results is what truly gives you the headache. Not to forget it’s also your parents who share this anxiety with you similar to what Pushpa’s loved ones will be doing. Also, this is no ordinary exam for Pushpa, it’s possibly the final exam of her life so the wait is even more taxing. Shooting this sequence was like a trip down the memory lane to school days. Whether Pushpa’s and her loved one’s efforts pay off or not, you’ll have to watch the show to know.”

Tune in to Pushpa Impossible from Monday to Saturday, at 9:30 PM, only on Sony SAB!

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