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International Cricketer Jonty Rhodes Inspired by ‘At The Human Edge’


The year 2020 proved to the world the importance of our health, wellbeing, and performance in achieving our Human Edge. The former South Africa batsman and ace fielder, Jonty Rhodes is inspired by Dr. Marcus Ranney’s ‘At The Human Edge’ book.


jonty-rhodesJonty Rhodes has written an in-depth review of this book it. This International Cricketer, Current Coach, Commentator, and Traveller from South Africa inspires many to reach their fitness levels. Even at 52, he can shame youngsters half his age. Regarding At The Human Edge, he writes, “At The Human Edge, by Dr. Marcus Ranney, is not just a book for elite athletes looking to improve their performance, but a guide for all of us, to journey towards our “best self”. It inspires us to go beyond our perceived limitations and by doing so, to truly be alive and operate at our fullest potential.”

jonty-rhodesThe non-fiction popular science book on the human body’s adaptive quality to extremes has South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes write a positive review acknowledging its importance. Jonty Rhodes is pushing 52 but looks no older than 25. Fitness is a big part of his life, adventure even bigger. It’s this streak that has now taken him to Sweden, where he’s coaching a team of committed amateurs looking to pose a serious challenge at the Associate level. Rhodes is also a part of the IPL with the Kings XI Punjab, and will be seen in the upcoming T10 League as the head coach of the Pune Devils.

In the present pandemic situation, Dr. Marcus Ranney’s latest book ‘At The Human Edge’ is a must-read. Pick up this non-fiction popular science book on human body adaptation to extremes.