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INTERVIEW “Being a virgin in today’s age and times is all about perception”



How would you describe yourself as a person?

I would like to describe myself as a very happy go lucky kind of person. I am a very jovial person by nature, but at the same time, I would also like to say that I’m a very straightforward no- nonsense type of a person too. But that’s how I’m.

And I find that because of this quality of mine, I guess not many people take it in a good way in the right spirit. Baaki Main khud apni kya taareef karoon.

How did you get your break as an actress?

It was producer Alok Shrivastava who was the first producer to give me a break in the movie titled The Unsound in the lead. Besides me, the film also had actors like Shadaab Khan and Anurita Jha and Tinnu Anand.

Was acting in your mind since childhood?

Yes. I grew up by watching none other than Madhuri Dixit movies in her dance movements in film after film.

Since my childhood when anyone used to ask me what do you want to become when you grow up, I used to tell them that mujhe heroine hi ban-naa hai

Why did you want to be an actress?

It is only because I have always had only dreams to be a star. Since my childhood I was inclined towards Bollywood as well as music and wanted to pursue a career only in the glam world. Frankly, I never knew that my dream will turn into a reality one day.

To what extent do you believe in destiny?

I think destiny plays a major role in shaping a person’s career in life.

Do you think that luck is just an excuse for those who lack talent?

Not at all. I feel that lack of luck cannot at all be an excuse in any case. I’d rather say that destiny can show you the way but at the end you need to prove to yourself that success or achievement can only happen when you have a great passion towards your work.

Were you not scared of the ubiquitous syndrome of the casting couch on the film industry?

No. For the simple reason that over here no one forces you to do anything. It’s ultimately only a person’s choice whether she wants to succumb to the pressure that she has to face to get a role in a film and do it or not. I don’t believe in such things.

I have rarely been asked to compromise for getting a role. If someone were to proposition to me, I directly say No to him without any hesitation, especially since I’m interested to do clean work only in the film industry.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

Gerard Butler & Priyanka Chopra

Which are the directors in your wish list?

Mahesh Bhatt, Karan Johar and though it is not now possible, I wanted to be directed by the late Yashraj Chopra

Is virginity a virtue in today’s times?

Being not a virgin in today’s age and times doesn’t make you any less if you happen to be a good person, because all said and done, today, more than ever before, it’s all about one’s perception.

Would you consider it a compliment if a man calls you sexy?

Yes, because a girl/guy looks sexy when someone finds him or her confident. And I would say that any day, I consider myself to be a confident woman.

Are you open to appear in a bikini and also do lip to lip kisses on the screen?

If it’s very important and vital for the subject as per the vision of the filmmaker, in order to justify the scene I will have no problem at all with wearing a sexy bikini or for that matter indulge in passionate lip to lip kisses on the screen.

What kind of men put you off?

In general, I am put off by all those who men play games, are dishonest and liars of the first order and do not at all treat people with respect and also to top it all possess ego and lastly also smell bad.

What is your take on MeToo# syndrome?

The MeToo# syndrome today is just over hyped. I’m pretty sure that though it is quite true that some girls are genuinely exploited, you just cannot forget the fact that many of them just take an advantage of this Me Too# syndrome too.

As I said no one forces you to sleep with him. When a man asks and immediately a girl surrenders herself instantly and later when the fraudulent person doesn’t fulfill his part of commitment then these girls come up with this Me Too# Syndrome.

I’m asking these girls on the face why in the first place do they agree on such things and create an environment where people can later easily exploit them.

Are you open to act in TV and web series too?

I am open to act in web series. In fact, I have already acted in one web series called Wo Waali Picture produced by Dancing Shiva with director Amit Khanna.

I am actually waiting for the web series to start beaming on an OTT platform shortly and also signed for another one for Amazon Prime Video even before the lockdown was imposed in the wake of the Covid19 epidemic.

I have also featured in 7 Punjabi music videos till date. They are Salina Break Up Trip, Wicked Eyeliner, Kanmdeyaan, Bacardi Hua Sale Ishq Farzi and last but not the least Brains Ka Poonch, all directed by Team Weez