Aangan Aapno Ka-Ayushi considers herself lucky for the role of Pallavi

Aayushi Khurana, known for her roles in TV serials like 'Ajuni' and 'Man Sundar', is winning hearts with her portrayal of Pallavi in Sony SAB's 'Aangan Apno Ka'

In an interview, Aayushi expressed her gratitude for being a part of the show and working with renowned actor Mahesh sir

The upcoming track of the show will focus on Pallavi and her family's fight against the wrongdoings of Pappi Mehra, as they strive to bring out the truth and regain their shop and property

The storyline also explores the theme of corruption, with a constable character who initially gets involved with corrupt individuals for personal gain, but later realizes the error of her ways

Aayushi is happy that her character's look has been modified post-marriage, allowing her to wear modern clothes while maintaining traditional elements like bangles, vermilion, and a nuptial chain

The actress expressed her joy at seeing fans' positive response to her character, mentioning a cute fan-made reel that made her feel appreciated

Aayushi thanked her fans for their continuous love and support, stating that their affection is what keeps the show going

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