Actor Amit Sadh's Epic Mumbai to Ladakh Biker Adventure

Amit Sadh, who started his career with the teen drama 'Kyon Hota Hai Pyar', has worked in many great films and web series in his acting career, including films like Kai Po Che (2013), Sultan (2016), and Gold (2018).

By Shilpa Patil
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Mumbai to Ladakh Biker Adventure
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Amit Sadh, who started his career with the teen drama 'Kyon Hota Hai Pyar', has worked in many great films and web series in his acting career, including films like Kai Po Che (2013), Sultan (2016), and Gold (2018). Sadh played the role of Inspector Kabir Sawant in Breathe (2018, 2020, 2022) streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and for this, he was awarded the Best Supporting Actor Filmfare OTT Award. Let us tell you that Amit has been fond of riding a bike since childhood. For information, let us tell you that Amit has recently returned from an adventure road trip from Mumbai to Ladakh. Let us tell you how his journey was and how it started.

Amit Sadh's Mumbai to Ladakh Road Trip Adventure

How and in what way did the motorcycle save your life? Tell us something about it.

Now this will have to be asked from the motorcycle. I feel that everyone has a hobby in their life, just like for me it is a motorcycle, similarly, for someone it can be Kathak, or for someone else, it can be something else. My relationship with motorcycles started in childhood. I have been riding a bike since a very young age. I have been to many places on a motorcycle, and have met different people and because of this a lot has changed in my personality and that is why I felt that ‘Motorcycle saved my life’ is a very perfect line. Many years ago I was in a shop abroad, where there was a cab and on that cab, it was written that a Motorcycle saved my life. Seeing this line I jumped and shouted and then said this is my life. That is where I got this line and it also came to my mind that if ever I do something related to motorcycle adventure then the name will be this. I had been thinking for the last five to ten years that I wanted to do something about the adventures I do on bikes, so I approached many people even after 'Kai Po Che' but either they did not understand or maybe I was not able to explain what I wanted. Later we thought that we would do it ourselves. I have produced it myself, we are on one journey and one track.

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Tell us something about where you started this trip and how this journey started.

I just wanted people to feel happy and smile on seeing my experience and my inspiration, so I think it was worth making. I started riding from Mumbai and we went to Ladakh by motorcycle. The whole trip took about 40 days. We recorded it and then released that experience in three episodes. We will go on the road again in July where we will explore by motorcycle for 45 days. And since this is not a movie, nothing has been planned in it. Maybe a movie of mine is releasing in between, so I will have to come back. When I come for the film, I will tell in that video that a movie of mine is coming and I have to go to promote it and after that, I will come back. This is real, there is nothing planned in it and neither is it sponsored content where someone is going to tell us what to show and what not to show. We just want it to look authentic so that people enjoy it and especially to those who love watching such adventure and travel videos, we can show them an authentic story.

Somewhere in these videos, your personal life is also visible, so how much courage did it take for you to bring this hobby of yours in front of people?

I would like to give two answers to this. Firstly, I am still in this stage and that is why it took me some time. Initially, after 'Kai Po Che' I was not ready because after that I got attention, love, and work. This is life, so some things went good and some things went bad. I was in a lot of dilemma at that time because I was not able to say what was in my mind and I also had self-respect. I am also a fighter from within, I am not a victim, I will not cry, and I will not tell anyone anything about what is going on inside me. This was also a part of my personality. Now I am at a stage where I have become comfortable with myself. Some credit for this also goes to the roles that I did during this period, the people I met during this period also get credit for this and my adventure and motorcycle also get credit for this. Before this documentary, I had that comfort inside me. There was a time when I used to eat and after that, I used to check whether my six packs were missing or not, and my girlfriend at that time used to say “Why do you do this, have you gone mad”. Today when I think about that time, I laugh. I feel like I did not live at that time, I did not eat food at that time, and I did not eat salt. It is not like now I am sitting and eating one kilo of jalebi and Rabri but if it is Sunday and there are two jalebis, I will eat them because life has to be lived. At that time there was a lot of stress regarding work and people also used to comment about your body. There came a time when I felt that I had to go beyond all these things. When I did Kabir Sawant I made Kabir Sawant a railway cop. Railway cops are not chiseled, they do not become fair by living in AC. They live in pollution 24 hours a day. Their life is very tough and that is where I got the strength to make this character a reality that is why I did not make six-pack abs for the character and the acceptance this character got from the audience, media, critics, and friends gave me the strength to become like this in real life and whatever character I play in future, I have to give my truth to it. Now this bike trip has reached a time where everything is real. There is a shot in the film where you will see my belly protruding and I am standing like that. The editor asked me if I should remove it, and I said no, this is my favorite shot. I am not shooting, whatever I am doing is all real, it is my real personality and I am happy with the way I am. If someone finds me fat, I have no problem, and if someone likes me, it is a good thing. People have not bought tickets for my film, and they are judging me according to my body structure. I am very comfortable with who I am now.

Nowadays celebrities are making their blogs and posting them on social media but if the media talks about the same thing then they have a problem, why is that?

This is our human nature. If I talk about myself, if you watch my video then you will not see a celebrity in it. In this short career of ten years, I have never behaved like a celebrity. I just do my work. I understood very early that peace of mind is very important. When I was doing 'Guddu Rangeela' then Arshad bhai told me some things and at that time I thought that this was just my second film, why was he telling me so much or scaring me? The conclusion of his words was that stay natural, stay normal, keep acting, and not get caught in the maths of this industry. I remember him today because of some things which benefited me a lot which he taught me at that time. I always thank him. He said to always keep things simple.

Out of all the characters you have played to date, which one do you like the best and what have you learned from which character?

It is very difficult to choose any one character because every character of yours is special to you. The good thing is that you keep getting work and keep working.

Why did you choose Ladakh from Bombay for this adventure journey?

Because beyond Ladakh is China and we cannot go there. That is why we had to stop in Ladakh. Because Ladakh is the top of India, so we will complete the journey of the whole of India from there. People go to Kashmir from Kanyakumari, I will come from the top to the bottom.

What would you like to say to your fans and viewers?

I would like to say to the fans and viewers that I am very grateful to all of you. Thank you very much to all of you who have been with me for so many years have given me so much love and blessings, and have given me this opportunity to become a better person and a better actor. I will be grateful to all of you for the patience you have shown towards me. Like this keep loving yourself, keep loving others, and stay connected with nature, this is what I tell myself and hence I am telling the same to you too.

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