Adnan Khan & Mallika Singh to Star in 'Prachand Ashok' on Colors TV

Coming soon to Colors, 'Prachand Ashok' delves into Emperor Ashok's life, featuring the love story with Princess Kaurwaki. Adnan Khan portrays Ashok, and Mallika takes on the role of Kaurwaki in this new show.

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Adnan Khan & Mallika Singh to Star in 'Prachand Ashok' on Colors TV

'Prachand Ashok' is a new show based on the life of Emperor Ashok which is going to air on Colors. The love story of Emperor Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki will be seen in this show. In the show, Adnan Khan will be seen in the role of Ashok and Mallika will be seen in the role of Kaurwaki.

Adnan Khan & Mallika Singh

Adnan Khan & Mallika Singh: Excitement for 'Prachand Ashok

This is a historical show, about which people know something or the other, so is there any nervousness or excitement while playing such a character? And what would you like to say about this show?

Adnan- We are playing a real-life character, so there is a lot of excitement. In this, the love story of a royal saga is going to unfold. This is the story of two such characters, one is a war emperor who believes that war and power are everything, while the other character is Princess Kaurwaki, who is very kind and believes in forgiveness, compassion, family, and love. While the princess believes in love, Emperor Ashok considers love as a weakness. This story is about the love of these two characters, and how their love affects everything else.

Mallika- Bringing such historical shows in today's time is a big thing, and we are playing the roles of those historical people. I think today's youth will also connect with this story. These two characters meet only through love and how this love changes many things in their lives.

'Prachand Ashok' on Colors TV

Adnan, the audience is going to see you in such a character for the first time, so what was the reason for doing this show and what were the preparations like for it?

Adnan- Initially when this show was offered to me, I was a little scared as to how I would be able to do this show. I am a fan of historical things, and this story is very beautiful and interesting. When I did the costume trial I realized I could do this and by the time we reached the promo, I started enjoying the work. If I talk about preparations, they are still going on, I am trying to work a little on the language because I feel it is an important part of this character.

Emperor Ashok was a warrior. Did you learn horse riding and swordsmanship for this character?

Adnan- I was taught a little horse riding on the set itself, and I have never had more fun. Immediately after I experienced horse riding, I asked my stylist how much a horse would cost to buy and if it would be so much fun. (Jokingly)

 'Prachand Ashok' on Colors TV

You have received a lot of love for the character of Radha in the show 'Radha-Krishna', in this character too you look like Radha in some way or the other. What was the reason behind doing this show, would you like to tell something about it?

Mallika- As an artist, I want to do such roles in which I get to do something new. This is a historical show, it is a big thing for me to play the role of such big personalities. Connecting with people through your character is a huge task. I was the first to say that things will happen with time.

How is the experience of working with each other?

Mallika- Whatever experience I have had so far is very good.

Adnan- She is a very good and professional actor, and it is going to be fun working with her.

What would you like to say to the fans?

Adnan- Our show is coming on Colors TV, we request you to be a part of our journey and support us.


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