Akash Pratap Singh's Real-Life Inspiration: 'Main Ladega' Film

'Main Ladega' is a Hindi film that tells the story of a child who turns his pain into a weapon and learns to fight for it. The film has been written by Akash Pratap Singh who is also the hero of this film.

By Shilpa Patil
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Akash Pratap Singh's Real-Life Inspiration 'Main Ladega' Film
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'Main Ladega' is a Hindi film that tells the story of a child who turns his pain into a weapon and learns to fight for it. The film has been written by Akash Pratap Singh who is also the hero of this film. The story of this film is inspired by his real life. The film has been directed by Gaurav Rana. The film has been produced by Akash's very good friend Akshay Bhagwanji. Apart from Akash Pratap Singh, Gandharva Diwan, Vallari Viraj, and Ashwath Bhatt will also be seen in the film. Let us tell you that the film arrived in theaters on 26th April. Let us tell you what the film's producer Akshay and the film's writer and actor Akash said about the film.

Akshay and Akash Share Insights on April 26th Film Release

Everyone is liking the trailer of the show. What was going through your mind when you were writing about this journey for this film?

Akash- When you write a script, you do not think about what will be seen in the trailer and what will not be seen. At that time you just write about one story and you try to write that story with complete truth. Then when you write the screenplay, you keep in mind that when the film is made, whatever is said in it should be said with complete truth. I feel that whatever film is made, it should have some message which should be bigger than the film so that people can learn something from it. The first message of this film was Never Give Up. A person loses only when he loses one day and does not get up and fight back the next day. The second message of this film is that sports culture is slowly going away from society. If you keep doing something or the other then both your physical health and mental health remain good. It is also important that children understand the value of sports as much as possible. Because what sports can teach can never be taught only by studies. I kept these things in mind when I was writing the film.

As a friend, when Akash came to you with the film, what was going on in your mind then, and what is going on in your mind now?

Akshay- Akash and I were planning to make a film for a long time. Some time ago, Akash had written a story which was a traveling love story but we did not find what we wanted in it. After that again this idea came to Akash's mind because this story is inspired by his real life. When he told this story to me and I liked this story. We felt that we should work on it and this story started from there.

Main Ladega Movie Actor Akash Pratap Singh Career Life Struggle Journey How  Became Gaurav Rana Film Hero - Entertainment News: Amar Ujala

Your name is Akash in the film, so was it your decision that the name should remain Akash in this story?

Akash- No, it is not like that. I think that whatever has happened has happened and nothing can be done about it now. I never thought that my name should be on it.

The story of this film, have you seen this happening in anyone else's life?

Akash- No, it is not like that. As everyone has seen in the trailer, it is a hostel. I also lived in a hostel from sixth to eighth class, whose name was War Memorial Hostel. I have lived a large part of the story. There is no such reference in the story, but to write a story, some plot twists have to be added to it. I have lived a large part of the story, so when writing the story, it has to be seen logically and not emotionally. Because sometimes things become so personal that you don't know where to draw the line. I wrote the story of the film [Heer] I shot it and when I sat with the editor to edit the film, I was not able to relate to the fact that the person in the frame was me, only after that I saw myself in the film. It has been a year since the shooting of the film was cut from the story. Now I think about the film from its trailer. After a time making films became difficult. I wanted to become an actor so I wrote a film but during this process, I became a filmmaker, and that acting side got suppressed somewhere.

Main Ladega Movie Actor Akash Pratap Singh Career Life Struggle Journey How  Became Gaurav Rana Film Hero - Entertainment News: Amar Ujala - Main  Ladega:कानपुर के मिडिल क्लास घर का लड़का कैसे

One thing that I can say is most unique in this film is that if you watch any boxing film in the world, every guy in it wants to box. He is just one step away from boxing and he wants to become a boxer, he is just looking for an opportunity. The special thing about this film is that the hero of the film is far away from boxing, he would never have even run a 100-meter race in his life and he did not even want to do boxing. Luck plays a big role in every hero becoming a hero. What decision you take at that time makes you a hero. There is much more to this film than what is visible in the trailer. The film is going to surprise you a lot.

We shot boxing matches. I have been training for boxing for one and a half years. The boxers in the film are of national level and we could not teach them acting, so we shot the boxing scenes in real life. We have played all the matches in this film.

Main Ladega Producer Akshay Bhagwanji Shares How He Finds Family In Lead  Actor Akash Pratap Singh | Indian Film History

The trailer shows the journey from a schoolboy to a ring boxer. How do you see this journey?

Akshay- When Akash came up with the idea of this story, he knew that he would have to lose 11 kg weight for the role of a schoolboy. That's why he started it when he was writing the story. Because we did not know when we would start shooting it. But Akash had started preparing for his character from that very time. He also learned boxing during that time. By the time we started shooting the film, he had lost 11 kg of weight. Then when we had to show his boxing journey, we took a break of two months where Akash started his transformation journey. I am new in this industry, and I did not have much experience, so Akash has handled most of the work.

As you said all the boxing fights in the film are real, so were you not afraid of getting hurt or any major injury?

Akash- We will not even make a film like this because of the fear that the film will flop.

Akshay- Akash got injured many times during boxing scenes but he shot all the scenes after taking Paracetamol.

Akshay Kumar Sidharth Malhotra Brothers - Latest News, Photos and videos of Akshay  Kumar Sidharth Malhotra Brothers | Bollywood Life

A few years ago, Akshay Kumar's film 'Brothers' was released, in that too he became a boxer because of his mother. Is it feeling something similar after watching the trailer of your film? You have also worked with Akshay Kumar, so have you thought about this?

Akash- ‘Brothers’ was a remake of a Hollywood film, so the entire plot of that film was the same. There was a lot in my life that I could not put in the film. There will be much more to see in this film than this trailer. I would say that sometimes the person is not wrong, it is just the time that is wrong. Whatever is in this film is inspired by real life. We have placed the film around 2008 to 2010, so we have used whatever words were used in army hostels at that time or whatever names were used in this film. We haven't thought too much. The dialogues of the film are also inspired by real life, we did not try to make it filmy.

Are you going to focus on acting or writing or both in the future?

Akash- There is a third thing also and that is direction. But first of all, I want to become an actor. It is also said that you can do a lot but you cannot do everything. If you try to do everything you will get burned out quickly.

Main Ladega (2024) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date - BookMyShow

Will you be waiting for any particular review for this film?

Akash- Audience review. There are more than 40% matches in this film, and along with writing the film, I also designed all these things. We wrote a separate script for each match. Because each round has its own story and each round has its psychological impact, so I will be waiting for the audience's review to see how they liked the film.

Our success will not depend on how our film does at the box office. Our success happened the day we went to make the film and the film we made was exactly what we wanted.

Akshay- We don't know what will happen commercially but we will always be proud of the fact that we have made this film.


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