Ali Asgar and Bakhtiyaar Irani's new podcast 'Chuddy Buddy'

Ali Asgar and Bakhtiyaar Irani are coming up with a new podcast named 'Chuddy Buddy'. Talking about this show, Ali says that two episodes of his podcast have been finalized,

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Ali Asgar and Bakhtiyaar Irani's new podcast 'Chuddy Buddy'
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Ali Asgar and Bakhtiyaar Irani are coming up with a new podcast named 'Chuddy Buddy'. Talking about this show, Ali says that two episodes of his podcast have been finalized, and after this many celebrities are showing interest in his podcast. Ali and Bakhtiyaar are bringing this podcast themselves. Regarding the reason behind this, Ali says that when a show is done under someone, there are many restrictions but when they are doing everything themselves in the show, they will be able to do things according to their own.

Let us tell you that Ali and Bakhtiyaar are very good friends and have been together for a long time. Some time ago the idea of ​​this podcast came to their mind and because they have been friends for a long time, they named this podcast 'Chuddy Buddy'.

Talking about friends and friendship in the industry, Ali says, "Many times you feel that the people who are your friends are not your friends. There will be some friends who may be even better friends than us. Now since we work in daily soaps where we spend more time on the sets than at home, we spend more time with our co-stars than with our family members. That is why we share our problems with them, sometimes we feel that they are our very good friends but that friendship doesn't need to continue later.”

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Talking about the ‘Chuddy Buddy’ podcast, Ali says, “Celebrities opened up a lot after coming to our show, coming into our zone. We did not expect this much because this is a new concept and our show is only for 20 to 25 minutes. Whatever celebrity couples or friends are coming to our podcast, they are delivering twice as much as expected.”

What are the flaws of each other that you have accepted about each other?

Bakhtiyaar - I am not a perfect person, so you may ask something about Ali that I do not know anything about. Ali may ask something about me that he may not know. For me, friendship is such a thing, with whom it is fun to sit in a room or without saying anything he understands a lot, and the one who does not need to be explained much, that is friendship for me. I am very comfortable with Ali and if I talk about his flaws, then he does not even come in the night show because he sleeps very early.

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Do you share secrets with each other?

Ali- Many times it happens, when he talks about my performance or my decision, and then I have to explain to him why I took that decision. Sometimes whatever decisions I have to make according to my situation, I explain everything to him that why I am taking those decisions. Bakhtiyaar is a little hot-tempered so if he doesn't like something in his relationship or work, he will say it immediately, then it doesn't matter to him whether you like it or not. For all these things, I always scold him and tell him not to do this. These are just small things, I think there are no flaws, and maybe that's why we are connected.

Many people in the industry go into depression due to not getting work and then commit suicide. After this, in the age of social media, many people come on social media and post that he was their friend, why didn't you tell them? What would you like to say about this?

Bakhtiyaar - I will give you a real example of Kushal Punjabi. Kushal and I have known each other since 2005, he died at the age of 42. At the age of 40, he was declared the fittest man in a competition. He married a foreigner, now foreigners have their own mindset. The reason for whatever he did was his loneliness. Some people say that only those who are cowards commit suicide, but it is not so, it takes a lot of courage to end your life with your own hands. As soon as a celebrity commits suicide, the discussion on the mental health of all the celebrities starts. I don't think anyone should give any advice to anyone. That person did what he had to do and now he is suffering.

Ali- After such incidents, whatever people are saying on social media, they will keep saying it, and it is their job to say it. No one knows what is going on inside a person's mind and what he will do in a few moments. I will call him weak who does this because I think what loss has happened in your life or what compulsion came in your life that you did such a thing. According to me, the biggest sorrow or the biggest wound in life is when your parents leave this world, and after their departure, no one can take their place. We can go to their grave and sit and share our sorrow but they cannot come back. Their departure itself is the biggest sorrow and if we are living even after this sorrow, then I think whatever problem is there after this is secondary. Giving up life due to your weakness is a crime, one should not do this at all.

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What would you like to say to your fans and viewers about your podcast?

Bakhtiyaar- I am Bakhtiyaar and this is Ali Asgar. We are friends and our show is called 'Chuddy Buddy'. Follow us on Instagram where you will keep getting promos related to the show and we will tell you where the show is coming from. In this show, we will talk about friendship and if you want to test your friend's friendship, then definitely watch this show. Watch this podcast and find out how well your friend knows you.


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