Anjali Tatrari: Many new interesting twists are coming in 'Vanshaj'

Anjali Tatrari, known for her roles in TV shows and films, is currently seen in Sony TV's show 'Vanshaj'

Her character Yukti in 'Vanshaj' is bold and dashing, which is loved by fans

Anjali enjoys playing Yukti because she gets to explore different shades in one show, unlike her previous character Yuvika

The upcoming episodes of 'Vanshaj' promise unexpected twists and turns

Anjali had a great experience working with Swastik Productions and praises the producer Siddharth for his support and creativity

She feels fortunate to have chosen shows that address social issues, starting from her first show

Anjali expresses gratitude towards her fans for their love and support, which has made her who she is today

She appreciates the gestures of her fans, such as making edits and showing up to meet her at events

Anjali's journey in the entertainment industry has been shaped by the love and encouragement she receives from her fans