Anurag Kashyap: Real Villains Off-Screen, Not On Screen

Directed by Aditya Dutt, 'Bad Cop' is a thriller series in which director and producer Anurag Kashyap will be seen in the role of a villain. Along with Anurag Kashyap, Gulshan Devaiah and Harleen Sethi will also be seen in this series.

By Shilpa Patil
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Anurag Kashyap Real Villains Off-Screen, Not On Screen
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Directed by Aditya Dutt, 'Bad Cop' is a thriller series in which director and producer Anurag Kashyap will be seen in the role of a villain. Along with Anurag Kashyap, Gulshan Devaiah and Harleen Sethi will also be seen in this series. For information, let us tell you that the show will stream on Disney Plus Hotstar from June 21.

Gulshan Devaiah & Harleen Sethi Join Anurag Kashyap

Tell us something about your new show 'Bad Cop'.

Gulshan- I enjoyed working on it, it is a very entertaining story and has very entertaining characters.

Anurag- You will see him in the avatar of Tiger Shroff. The kind of action he has done in it, no one else can do it. He has done very dangerous actions in it.

Gulshan- It was very difficult for me to do action. I have worked with Aditya Dutt ji before. I was his villain in 'Commando 3' and I am his hero in this. He had already told me that I had to do action in it and for which I needed to have endurance in my body, and I had to work very hard for it. It was very difficult to do. I had a lot of fun doing it, it was very entertaining. The role in it was also very entertaining and the scenes were also written very interestingly. I like to play different kinds of characters.

Anurag- I enjoyed playing this role. I was able to do fight scenes because of Gulshan. When I was doing the scenes, my level of physical fitness was not that much. Gulshan told me during the fight scenes how to take a beating and how to fall because he had already worked with Aditya Dutt. This helped me a lot in the action scenes of this film, otherwise it is beyond my capacity to do action scenes.

Is it easier to be a villain than to direct and produce?

Anurag- Nothing is easy, everything has to be done sincerely. Whether I direct or produce or whatever I do, I do it sincerely. I don't consider myself to be of the same level of actor as the people I work with. If I look at myself as a director, I will never cast myself. I like directing and writing more, producing is also a very tough job for me, I have to do it out of compulsion. I don't produce because people get scared of my films.

Gulshan- He has produced a film with me which will not scare people. This is a children's film named 'Little Thomas' which will be released in some time.

You both have worked together before as well but at that time as an actor and a director and now this time you both are working together as an actor, so what changes did you feel?

Gulshan- Earlier I didn't talk to him, he used to come on the set and direct the scenes. As a director, he gave a lot of creative freedom and allowed the actors to experiment and explore the scenes. I got a chance to talk to him in this series, and we had a lot of conversations which I enjoyed. He gave me the first chance, he trusted me. He married my friend, it was a different relationship, and then there was a distance because his marriage broke up but we all became friends again. Earlier we had never sat and talked like this, in this series we got that opportunity and we talked a lot. I enjoyed talking to him because I never thought that I would ever have such a conversation with Anurag Kashyap.

So will the competition between you as actors increase now?

Anurag- There will be no competition, everyone works together. Without this, I would not have been able to take action.

Gulshan- I respect him a lot because he gave me my first opportunity. The amount of trust he has in his actors is a gift. No director trusts so easily. I am very grateful that he has given me such good opportunities as a director and as a producer.

Is Anurag strict as a director?

Gulshan- Not at all.

Anurag- I am not strict at all, I am just outspoken, and I have no filter. The media takes the most advantage of this.

Writers are not given much credit in films, according to you how important is a writer's role in making a film?

Anurag- First there is a writer in a film, then there is an editor, and then comes the director. A writer has a very important role in a film. A good film is made by everyone together and a bad film is made only by the director. All my bad films are made by me and all the good films are made by everyone together.

According to you, who do you consider a good villain in this industry apart from you?

Anurag- The real villains of this country are not on screen, they are beyond the screen. Now the era of hero and villain is gone, now everything is grey. I don't know why people see me only in the role of a villain, and I don't want to become a hero. I am not able to do action so I want to do a side character.

Would you like to tell us something about when this series will come?

Anurag- Coming soon on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Anurag ji, people are eagerly waiting for your project 'Kennedy', would you like to say something about it?

Anurag- It is well known that some issues were going on in our studio, now they have been solved so they will come soon.

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