Colors 'Krishna-Mohini' depicts the love of a sister for her brother

Based on the loving relationship between a brother and sister, this show 'Krishna-Mohini' is based in Krishna's city Dwarka. This story is about a twenty-one-year-old girl named Krishna

By Shilpa Patil
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Colors 'Krishna-Mohini' depicts the love of a sister for her brother
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Based on the loving relationship between a brother and sister, this show 'Krishna-Mohini' is based in Krishna's city Dwarka. This story is about a twenty-one-year-old girl named Krishna, who is a very good singer and the only earning person in the family. Krishna has a brother Mohan who is fighting with his gender identity. This story talks about the people of the transgender community and the things happening to them in society and their identity. On one hand, Krishna is the charioteer of his brother Mohan, on the other hand, he is also looking for a charioteer for himself. Debattama Saha is seen in the role of Krishna, Ketaki Kulkarni is seen in the role of Mohan, and Fahmaan Khan is seen in the role of Aryaman. Let us tell you that the show has started on Colors TV from 29th April 2024.

New Show Premieres on Colors TV

A new show is coming with a new concept and a new pair. What would you like to say about this new pairing?

Fahmaan- We have known each other for some time and this is the first time we are working together. Whenever a new couple comes, there is a feeling of nervousness.

Instead of talking about the couple, we will talk about the story. We all know that TV has not progressed that much yet, hence not so much progressive content comes on it, but for the first time we are bringing such a very progressive story. It talks about today's problems. It talks about the problems that people are facing but no one is talking about. It talks about those things that people do not understand but people talk about them. I think it was important, this is a story that can change people's ideologies.

Tell us about your character in the show, how much are you enjoying playing this character?

Debattama- It's a lot of fun. Krishna is Mohan's charioteer and is a very responsible girl. Krishna is so innocent that sometimes she speaks too much. She is intelligent, takes care of all the people in the house, and is also very hardworking.

Krishna Mohini

This is not talked about in our society, but now after the arrival of this show, people will talk about it.

Fahmaan- If we talk about fifteen years ago, not many people knew about it. With the advent of the internet and social media, a lot of information has reached people and now people have started understanding and talking about it. When you show something by making it a story, then people understand that thing more and people can connect with it. The character of Krishna and Aryaman is such that both of them are someone's charioteer in their life. Both of them are sacrificing their dreams and doing whatever they can for their families. As it is said that blood relation is deeper than any other relation, so in this story we are trying to show the same. Aryaman, the character I am playing, leaves his dreams and stands up for his family and Krishna is also doing the same for Mohan. What will happen when these two worlds meet? This is not just a love story, there is much more to it.

Debattama- This story is very beautiful. And showing this story is a strong step. It has many sections which will gradually unfold.

Colors Krishna Mohini

As shown this is a third gender based story. But the audience wants to know whether this show will continue with the third gender or will this show also end with a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law like other shows.

Fahmaan- If television shows show daily drama, isn't there some new drama in our lives every day? Like when we fall in love, we feel the same as shown in TV serials. In television, we just add a little more drama to things so that they reach people's hearts. There is conflict in everyone's house, we just show the same thing in a slightly dramatic manner. If we are showing daily drama then we will have to show those things which also happen in homes. There is much more to this show than all this.

Krishna Mohini

Hearing the name ‘Krishna-Mohini’ it seems as if it is a mythological show. What thought came to your mind when you heard this name?

Fahmaan- I heard the name much later, I heard the story first.

Debattama- When I came to know about this name, I felt very good because this name sounded very nice. If seen from the audience's point of view, at first it seems to be a mythological show and people had also raised questions about it. Then when they came to know that I was playing the character of Krishna in it, they again started wondering what its story could be. Mohini is also an incarnation of Krishna which people also like very much. Apart from this name, there is nothing mythological in this show. This is a very bold topic.

Debattama, tell us something about the locket worn by your character Krishna.

Fahmaan- That is the key to the lock of Aryaman's heart.


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