Dhruv-Tara: What is the secret of Ishan Dhawan's fitness?

Ishaan Dhawan, known for his roles in various television serials, is winning hearts with his role in the serial 'Dhruv-Tara'

When it comes to fitness, Ishaan believes in eating anything and everything, now that he has become a vegetarian

For breakfast, he opts for Subway and eats rolled oats and chocolates with milk

He keeps his breakfast light and prefers a slightly heavier lunch In between meals, he snacks on fruits and drinks a Sattu shake.

Ishaan tries to drink at least three liters of water during shooting

He doesn't follow a fixed schedule for meals due to the fluctuating shooting schedule

Ishaan has become an early riser due to his work commitments, but he sometimes feels the need to recover by sleeping in the morning

His favorite cuisine used to be sushi and Thai curries, but now as a vegetarian, he doesn't have many options

Ishaan doesn't work out but prefers running as his form of exercise

He enjoys eating samosas, chaat, bhalla papdi, and Dahi-Puri as his favorite munching options