"Hrithik Roshan is my childhood idol..." Akshay Oberoi

Akshay Oberoi is an Indian-American actor who made his acting debut as a child actor in the 2002 comedy-drama 'American Tea'. Oberoi made her debut in Rajshri Productions' film 'Isi Life Mein' (2010).

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Hrithik Roshan is my childhood idol... Akshay Oberoi

Akshay Oberoi is an Indian-American actor who made his acting debut as a child actor in the 2002 comedy-drama 'American Tea'. Oberoi made her debut in Rajshri Productions' film 'Isi Life Mein' (2010). After this, Oberoi did 'Pizza', 'Thar', and many such films in which he received a lot of appreciation from critics and audiences. Apart from films, Oberoi has worked in many web series and short films like 'High' and 'Flesh'. Oberoi's character in the recent release 'Fighter' has been liked a lot. Let us tell you what Oberoi has to say about his journey.

How has your experience been working with such big artists?

It is a big thing to be a part of such a big film. The film has performed well. All the characters in the film have also been written very well. Being in a film is a big thing for me.

You have worked in many films and OTT before this also. How do you see this journey of yours?

There has been a lot of struggle, I have had to face a lot of things. But when a man is passionate, he does not see right or left, he just keeps running towards his destination. I feel like this was my destiny. I consider myself very lucky that I got a chance to be a part of such a big film. Whatever work I did earlier, I got a lot of validation from critics, but I got the thing of being a box office hit from this film. And I think there can be nothing better than validation from the box office. You feel even better when the audience for whom you work hard appreciates you.

You have worked with the director of this film before. Tell us something about this.

There is a show 'Flesh' in which I and Swara Bhaskar worked together. I played the role of a very dangerous villain in that show. You will know what kind of role it was just by watching the trailer of that show. After that Mamta called me and said, “Your work is very good and I would like to work with you again. We will work together again on some big project.” Now many people say this but very few do it. But Anand ji is such a lovely person that after one and a half years I got a call for a fighter. In 'Flash' my character was a dreaded villain but in 'Fighter' my character is very innocent and cute. Both Siddharth Anand and Mamta Anand are very lovely people. Both are visionary people and they knew that I could play both the characters well. I got a chance through this film to show people what I can do. I love both of them very much, if they were not there I don't know what I would have done.

Fighter Poster: Presenting Akshay Oberoi

The film is army-based, tell us something about how you feel when you play a character related to the army.

It was a very amazing feeling. We had a lot of fun shooting Fighter. Playing the role of an Air Force pilot is a job of great responsibility. I realized this responsibility much later. When I initially wore the uniform, I felt how cool my character was, I am playing the role of an Air Force pilot. When I reached Tezpur and talked to the Air Force people, learned from them about their journey and their experiences. And then I realized that this is a huge responsibility. I then felt that these people who protect the country are real patriots. We just say in words that we are patriots. The love for the country in his eyes is amazing. I consider myself very lucky that I got a chance to play such a character. I enjoyed playing the character a lot. I felt as if one of my childhood dreams had come true. When I look into my child's eyes, he is so excited that Dad is playing the role of an Air Force pilot. Meeting an Air Force pilot and talking to them is a great experience for me.

Siddharth Anand's films have amazing VFX. The VFX of this film is also being praised a lot. What would you like to say about this?

In the future people will refer to Fighter for VFX. This film is a path-breaking VFX. I think this film will be in the history of cinema. I don't think anyone in India would have thought of this kind of VFX. When we saw the film for the first time, we all went crazy at the screening of the film because the VFX of the film was so good. One weak link of Indian films was its VFX, and VFX is also a budget-based thing. It is not that we do not have technology. But doing such a good VFX on this budget in the film Fighter is only a matter of a visionary person. I salute Siddharth Anand for this.

Fighter Crew Ki Filmy Night

What was your reaction when you came to know that Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Hrithik Roshan were in the film?

There are not one or two but three superstars in the film and Karan Singh Grover is also there. These three superstars are legends. I also played a small role with Deepika in the film 'Piku'. I have worked with Anil Kapoor Sahab in 'Thar' and 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga'. I have done small roles with these people. People may not remember those characters of mine but Deepika and Anil sir remembered them. I have seen love for me in his eyes. Hrithik Roshan is my childhood idol. I think it was because of him that I started building my body and started dancing. Working with Hrithik sir is a big thing for me.

How was the experience of meeting and working with all the stars?

It was a lot of fun working with everyone. When we came out of the screening of the film, Hrithik, Karan, and Siddharth were standing there. And Karan said, “Who has made this film, we all were laughing and joking there.” We all used to laugh and talk together. All three were megastars but they never let it feel like that. When we were shooting we felt like it was a team.

Hrithik Roshan In A Pic With His Fighters

You have worked with these three superstars for so long, so what is one thing that you admire about them?

If I talk about Anil sir, he comes to the set every day with the mentality of a newcomer. He works very hard every day, and his passion and interest in acting and films are like that of a newcomer. And it is a big thing to maintain yourself like this even after being in the industry for so many years.

If I talk about Deepika, despite being a megastar, she is a very real person. I have a lot of respect for him. Despite the level of a big star she is, she is still so real.

If I talk about Hrithik Roshan, despite having so much talent, he works so hard. He rehearses for every line. They try that one line in different ways. We call him the God of dance but he practices dance all day long until he becomes perfect.

"Sher Khul Gaye" song

You are also a part of the film's song 'Sher Khul Gaye'. How was the experience of matching with them?

I know how to dance, and sometimes I also dance, but no one can match Hrithik Roshan's level. I had a lot of fun during the entire shooting of the film, but I was very stressed during those five days of shooting this song. I used to pray to God every day that this shoot would end well and I would not look stupid in front of Hrithik Roshan in this song. My heart was beating very fast those five days. I also told Hrithik about this and that it is very difficult to dance in front of you.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects.

It is a human habit to keep thinking about what will happen next, so this morning itself I have decided that I will not think, I will just keep doing. Thinking will waste time and what you think never happens. We can only think because we don't know what is written in our destiny. I only know acting, so if I like a role or like the director, I get into it. Because I think the journey should be about improving my acting and not about social media following or bank account or how many cars or houses I have. I feel like if I focus on these meaningless things, I will be doomed. I was able to stay in this industry for so many years only because I focused only on acting. So I think if I think less and focus on acting, things will get better.

Fighter actor Akshay Oberoi: Build muscles, Personally Trained myself

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you very much too all the people who saw my first film and have seen my subsequent work. I feel very good when I read your messages. I have worked hard for your love for so many years, thank you very much for your love and support.


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