Jamnapaar: "There is no acceptance without understanding..." Varun Badola

Amazon Mini TV series 'Jamnapaar' tells the journey of Shantanu Bansal aka Shanky from East Delhi's Laxmi Nagar, from giving up his Jamnapaar identity to finally embracing and being proud of his roots.

By Shilpa Patil
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Jamnapaar There is no acceptance without understanding... Varun Badola
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Amazon Mini TV series 'Jamnapaar' tells the journey of Shantanu Bansal aka Shanky from East Delhi's Laxmi Nagar, from giving up his Jamnapaar identity to finally embracing and being proud of his roots. Directed by Prashant Bhagia and written by Gaurav Arora, and Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, the series stars Ritwik Sahore, Srishti Rindhani, Raghu Ram, Varun Badola, Ankita Saigal, Inder Sahni, and Anubha Fatehpuria. Let us tell you that the series 'Jamnapaar' is streaming for free on Amazon Mini TV. Let's know what Ritwik, Raghu, and Varun have to say about the series.

Jamnapaar: Ritwik, Raghu, and Varun Share Insights on Amazon Mini TV Series

What are your characters in this series, tell us something about it.

Raghu- This is the story of Shanky. On one side is his home, his father, his family, and the place he comes from. On the other side is South Delhi. Shanky is a boy from Jamunapar. Everyone wants to be like someone or the other and South Delhi is the same for Shanky, he wants to be like the people of South Delhi. My character's name is Rajat Thapa. Rajat Thapa is the character Shanky wants to be like. I am representing the character Shanky wants to be like and what will he lose to become like him.

Ritvik- My character's name is Shanky whose real name is Shantanu Bansal who is a CA in the show. He is a promising CA. Everyone in Jamnapaar knows that KD Bansal's son will top the exam and become a good CA and Shanky has this confidence in himself too. There has always been a little tension between father and Shanky because father teaches Shanky to live life like him but Shanky has a lot more expectations from life. When Shantanu becomes a CA, his father declares him the MD of their coaching center, and Shantanu gets upset with this because he wants to live his life in his way. After this, Shantanu leaves home and goes to South Delhi, where he sees their lifestyle. Shantanu tries to fit into their lifestyle. How in his journey he finds a mentor in the form of Rajat Thapa and he tries to fit in the lifestyle of South Delhi by following the path shown by him. The story is how his whole journey and how he accepts his roots.

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Varun- I have been cheated a lot because Shanky becomes a CA but he takes coaching from my rival. He has already joined hands with my rival and neither is he ready to take care of his father's shop nor is his father ready to take care of himself. He thinks that I have made my son a CA, and if he has become a CA then he has become one for me. In simple words, the father tries to manipulate his son and when he feels that this is not possible then he understands that his son has some desires of his own from life. He understands this and wants his son to be happy in whatever he does. 'Jamnapaar' is a story of speaking the truth to yourself.

Raghu- The thing that I find most interesting about KD Bansal and his son is that KD Bansal is offering his son Bansal Coaching Classes which KD Bansal has built with his whole life's hard work and he is giving it to his son so that his son does not have to face hardships. But this is the worst thing for his son which he does not want and hence he rejects the offer of becoming the MD of Bansal Coaching Classes and in this way, he is rejecting his father. This story shows the beautiful relationship between a father and son.

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In this series, an attempt has been made to show how the generation gap affects the relationship between parents and their children. What would you like to say about this?

Varun- The generation gap limits people in their surroundings so much that after that they become incapable of seeing or understanding anything outside of it or they stop themselves. I think perhaps the generation gap is created here. Everyone is growing, whether they are children or adults, but when you stop that growth and limit yourself to a circle, that generation gap comes. Because you have stopped your growth, your children are still moving forward, they want to go out and see the world. When the child comes out, he will learn something new and this means that he is more open in terms of thinking than you. Sometimes the circumstances are such that they don't give you much opportunity to think about it, and I think the emptiness of understanding each other that comes between two generations is the generation gap.

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Raghu- When the world changes, the definition of things changes. For example, if we talk about success, then according to my father's generation, you are successful only if you have done engineering. Making a career in the new things that are coming into the market is a success for us, at that time cable TV was new in the market, and we made our career there, so that became a success for us. Now Rajiv's son is 18 years old, he doesn't like our career, he wants to become a gamer, and he wants to do gaming which is a profession today. Now for a father, the definition of success is to study and get a job, but for a son, the definition of success is to get fame by playing games. Now here their thinking is different and this is the generation gap. The definition of things changes in every generation and this is where the clash happens.

Varun- It is a matter of understanding otherwise who could have thought that 30 years ago you could make a career on a phone app? When our children play games, we think they are passing the time but there are some 10 to 12-year-old children who have started professional gaming, they participate in competitions and are earning millions. If we do not accept this thing then that generation gap will be created. There is no acceptance without understanding. And if you do not understand that thing but you are still accepting it, it means either you have accepted defeat or you are going according to the situation.

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What would you like to say to your fans?

Varun- Must-watch

Ritvik- It is streaming for free on Amazon Mini TV, so watch it with your family and friends.

Raghu- It is free so enjoy it

Varun- This series is so wholesome, that it deserves money.

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