"Kartik Aryan is not a star but a superstar..." Aniruddh Dave

From the small screen to the big screen, Aniruddh Dave has shown his acting skills everywhere. Aniruddh, who has worked in many television, web shows, and films, is seen playing the character of Jagannath Rajaram Petkar

By Shilpa Patil
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Kartik Aryan is not a star but a superstar... Aniruddh Dave
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From the small screen to the big screen, Aniruddh Dave has shown his acting skills everywhere. Aniruddh, who has worked in many television, web shows, and films, is seen playing the character of Jagannath Rajaram Petkar in Kabir Khan's film 'Chandu Champion'. Let us tell you that Chandu Champion was released on June 14 and Kartik Aryan is playing the character of Muralikant Petkar in it. Aniruddh has garnered a lot of praise for his acting in the film. Let us tell you what Aniruddh said about Chandu Champion and his upcoming projects.

Aniruddh's Insights on Chandu Champion's Exciting Upcoming Projects

You are playing the character of Jagannath Rajaram Petkar in the film 'Chandu Champion'. What would you like to say about how special this film is for you?

This film is very special for me because my favorite director is directing me in this film. When you get a chance to show your work in such a film, it is a very special thing. The way Kartik has worked in this film and the way he has prepared for this film, after this film I will call him not a star but a superstar. This film is very special for me and the character of Jagannath Rajaram Petkar that I am playing in it is also very special. This film is very special for me in every way.

You must have made some preparations for this character, tell us about it.

When an actor gets such an opportunity where he is getting a chance to play a character in a great film, then he works hard on many things for it. We know about every small and big thing about that character and try to understand it so that we can play that character in the best way. Along with this, acting keeping in mind the script and the direction of the director is an amazing journey. I prepared from my side but we are puppets in the hands of the director, we work the way he tells us. I am thankful to Kabir sir who made that scene in the film much better than the scene with which I had my screen test. This scene is the highlight point of the film. Every person coming out of the theatre is praising that scene, I am getting a lot of love, and more than this, it is a matter of good fortune for me.

How was the experience of working with Kartik Aryan in the film?

It has been a great experience because when you reach the set to work, there is an overall energy, and Kartik maintained this energy very well. Kartik has worked very hard for this film, his physical transformation will be visible to everyone in the film but when an actor plays a character, he also undergoes a mental transformation, and it is not visible on screen. Understanding a character and understanding his mentality is a different mental trauma for an actor. Kartik has done a great job in this film. Just like Muralikant Petkar ji did not give up in his life, similarly, Kartik did not give up while playing his character in this film. When you see the story of Muralikant Petkar, you will understand that he did not give up even in the worst of circumstances, he fought bravely in every situation. He is not one of those people who end their lives or give up their dreams after getting defeated by some things. Karthik also did not give up in preparing for this character and the work he has done in this film is praiseworthy.

You are playing the role of Kartik's brother in the film, so did you have a conversation with him on the set? How was this experience?

Most of our conversations were about the scenes of the film and Kartik's journey in this film. We talked about the preparations he made for this film and this character. My portion of this film was shot in Satara, London, and Kashmir. And during this time we talked about the nuances of many characters. I cannot forget that period and that time, we had a great time shooting the scenes.

You are coming to Bollywood from television, you are getting exposure in films through films like 'Chandu Champion', and 'Kaagaz 2'. What would you like to say about this?

Many people asked me, "What's the matter, you have been missing from TV for 3 years." It's not three but four years now and in that too 2 years were spent in COVID-19, it took two years to get over this period. When people asked me about my break, I said that I wanted to do films and web. I was getting a lot of TV offers but I was refusing with a heavy heart. I am happy today that our film 'Kaagaz 2' was released and was trending on Amazon for two weeks. Then I am getting a lot of love in 'Chandu Champion' too. Today is the era of the web and films and I had to do some different work, so I am not doing television right now. In so many years, I have worked on every channel on television, done every kind of character and now I had to do something different, so I chose web and films. This is a small beginning and I am trying.

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You said in an interview that there is no promotion or demotion. If you get a good role, you have no problem working in television. What would you like to say about this?

Television is a tree for me, which has given me shade. No matter how big a tree grows, it does not forget its roots. I do not believe in any kind of promotion or demotion. I am a TV film actor, I do not want this tag. Till some time ago, if my name was searched on Google, it was written as TV actor, but if searched now, it comes up as film actor, because right now I am doing films. There is no tag, an actor is an actor, whether he is working in films or TV. I am happy that I am doing what I want to do.

Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

There is another film whose shooting will start in October and along with this there is a Disney Plus Hotstar show whose shooting we are going to start soon. The series of web and films has just started and I am also happy that I have moved in this direction. I feel that change is necessary in life. It is the love and blessings of the people that are bringing this change in my life.

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What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to say to my fans that you have given me a lot of love to date and it is because of your love that I am here to date. I remember Mayapuri was the first film magazine that we understood and we used to read it. If we were going anywhere, as soon as we reached the station, I would ask my parents to get me a Mayapuri. You have given me so much love on the small screen and now it is time for the big screen I need your love and support in this journey, so keep your love like this and watch my film 'Chandu Champion' and tell me how you liked my work.

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