Laughter Chef: "A mix of cooking and humor..." Harpal Singh Sokhi

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, who became famous from the show 'Turban Tadka', opened his restaurant named after his famous dialogue Namak Shamak, which is very popular among the people.

By Shilpa Patil
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Laughter Chef A mix of cooking and humor... Harpal Singh Sokhi
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Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, who became famous from the show 'Turban Tadka', opened his restaurant named after his famous dialogue Namak Shamak, which is very popular among the people. Chef Harpal Singh has been a part of many cooking shows like 'Khana Khazana' and 'Kitchen Khiladi'. Harpal has also been a part of the dance reality show 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 9'. For information, Harpal Singh has written a book named 'Royal Hyderabad Cooking' along with Sanjeev Kapoor. Currently, Harpal Singh Sokhi is seen in Colors TV's cooking show 'Laughter Chef'. Let us tell you what Harpal Singh says about the show and the celebrities of the show.

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi Excited for 'Laughter Chef' Concept

While talking about the show, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, judge of Colors TV show 'Laughter Chef', says, "When I was told about Laughter Chef, it was a show that would be a mix of cooking and humor. When I heard about the concept of this show, I was very happy because I also felt that a show with such elements should come. Cooking and humor have been my genre from my show 'Turban Tadka' which I have been doing. That show became very popular and because of that, I have also become very popular. When I heard about the concept of the show, I said that this show was made for me and I had to do it. I was very happy when the channel approached me for this show. There were a lot of discussions about adding more things to the show and the result that came was also liked by the producers. I think if there is any chef in this genre who can play this character, then it is Harpal Singh Sokhi."

When you were talking to the makers of the show, did you know which celebrities you would be guiding and judging?

When my discussions were going on, I did not know which celebrities would be on the show, because at that time the list of celebrities was also being decided. In the last stage, when I was told the list of celebrities, I was very happy because the couples in it were perfect for the show. Because among these couples, some are the kings of comedy, and some are the kings of acting on television. Among the celebrities, there are internet queens, while some have recently added a great tadka to Bigg Boss. I felt that all these people were interesting and it would be a lot of fun to cook with them and guide them.

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When the show started, who were the contestants whom you had the most difficulty in explaining?

In the beginning, when I used to tell them something, more than half of our time would be spent in comedy and no one would pay attention to this. Then when it was time to cook, he would ask me how to cook this food. Then I would tell him to focus a little, this is a matter of cooking. When you play a character on television, you have to be serious when there are serious scenes. First I had to explain a lot to him and then after the first episode, I decided that I would explain to him that you have to be serious about cooking as well because cooking cannot be done jokingly.

In all the couples in the show, it is seen that the husbands are better at cooking than the wives. According to you, which couple is the best?

This is the time when I am seeing this. Such things are being seen all over the world that now men are also entering the kitchen and this is a very good thing. I have been saying this from the beginning that when the husband enters the kitchen, then some strange thing will be made in the kitchen and everyone will eat it silently, whether it is well made or bad because when a mother cooks food, everyone finds faults in it. When the husband cooks food, when the child takes the tiffin to school, he proudly says that my father has made it. When the father cooks food at home, then no matter how it is cooked, everyone eats it silently. The husbands in the show are also cooking well.

When you got married, was your wife very happy because she is getting a chef husband?

Here the scenario is a bit opposite. She is a much better cook than me. I travel so much for my shows, consulting, and jobs that when I come home, she cooks the food. She cooks well. In my restaurant, some dishes from her kitchen are named after her. Everyone asks her that you must be very lucky that you are married to a chef. Now she is so bothered by such questions that she says, "Yes, Harpal cooks and serves me very good food." The truth is that I do not cook at home. When my daughters want to eat something unique, then I make something experimental in the kitchen.

What is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish is also available in my restaurant which is Mirchi ka Halwa. I tell everyone to come and eat Mirchi ka Halwa in my restaurant and if it tastes spicy then tell me.

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Reem and Jannat are also contestants in the show, what would you like to say about them?

About Jannat, I would say that the fame she has achieved at such a young age is beyond any answer. Today, Jannat is the internet queen in India. I was very excited when I heard that she would be a part of this show. After meeting her at the show, I came to know that she is a very good person, she is very polite and also very honest and this is the secret of her success. She is also honest in the show, whatever she has not made, she says that she has not made it and she is facing difficulty in making it. In between, Reem also fell ill, so Jannat was doing everything alone, she was not giving up at all. Reem's character and caliber are similar to Jannat's. She is also doing a lot in the show, we are all surprised how she does so much and where she gets so much time from. She always tries to learn.

Tell us something about Ankita and Kashmera because as seen in Bigg Boss, Ankita tried to cook but she did not know how to cook, while Kashmera's husband Krishna has also said that Kashmera cannot cook.

Kash is very honest about the fact that he does not know how to cook. He also said that when Krishna is at home, Krishna cooks the food. Ankita has a fracture in her hand but now she is recovering. She helps with cooking and she also says that she cooks at home. They have also got stars in some challenges because as a couple they are playing very well.

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What would you like to say about Karan Kundra?

He has a lot of innocence in him. He has said that it is beyond his capacity, he does not know the difference between coriander and fenugreek. Due to this, his partner Arjun has to struggle a lot. Arjun is coming up very well and he is showing his talent that he can cook excellent food.

When you were doing hotel management, did it ever happen that you spoiled the food and a guest complained?

This happens many times. In hotels and restaurants, many times you have to handle many tasks at the same time, so during this time sometimes things go wrong. In the beginning, we used to make up but now if something like this happens in my restaurant, then I go and tell the guest that the dish has been spoiled and now that dish cannot be served to them, so order something else. I think that when you are honest, people respect your honesty. If you are a human being, then humans are bound to make mistakes. Any experimental thing takes time to be made and for that you have to be patient, like some time ago I introduced jalebi waffle in a restaurant, which took 6 months to make after experimenting and perfecting it. If you don't have patience, the work will go wrong.

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You have done many reality shows related to cooking, you have also done Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, so if you get a chance to go to Bigg Boss, will you go?

I have never refused anything to date. I have also done a film. When the time comes, we will see.

What would you like to say to the fans and viewers?

I would like to say to everyone that everyone's journey is very unique. If you are focused on whatever work you are doing, then you will be successful in it.


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