Nazia Hussain will be seen in the role of Iris in the film 'Tipppsy'

After showing the magic of acting in films like No Means No, Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle, and Gulabi Revdi, Nazia Hussain is once again ready to show the magic of her acting in the film 'Tipppsy'.

By Shilpa Patil
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After showing the magic of acting in films like No Means No, Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle, and Gulabi Revdi, Nazia Hussain is once again ready to show the magic of her acting in the film 'Tipppsy'. Let us tell you that the film Tipppsy is a film directed by Deepak Tijori in which he will also be seen acting. Alankrita Sahay, Kainaat Arora, Sonia Birje, Natasha Suri, Mandeep Kaur Sandhu, and Nazia Hussain will be seen in this film. Let us tell you that the film is being released in theaters on May 10.

What has been your journey with this film? Tell us about how you got this film and what your reaction was.

When I got this film, its concept and script were still in preparation. My picture with Deepak Sir was coming 'Tom, Dick, and Harry' for which we had started shooting but due to some reason that film was stopped. But Deepak sir was also working on ‘Tipppsy’ at the same time. We shot that film for ten to fifteen days, during which our bonding became very good. Deepak Tijori is a very good director and it is a lot of fun to work with him. During that time he told me about this picture. He told me that he was doing a picture in which there were five girls, out of which he offered me a role. At that time I said yes to this character but at that time I had no idea what my character was in this film. I trust Deepak sir a lot. He is a very good filmmaker. He pushes his actors to give their best and makes them feel comfortable so that the actor can give his best. From that time till the release of the film, the star cast of 'Tipppsy' has changed many times, but I remained connected with this picture from the beginning till the end. I can say that the biggest commitment of my life is 'Tipppsy'. Initially, the role that sir gave me was named Pony but later he gave me the role of Iris. At that time I said yes to Iris because I feel that as an actor we should be so versatile that we can play any character. But when I got the script and read the character of Iris, there was no limit to my happiness. Iris's character is outspoken. She is a tomboy girl who knows how to give straight answers and because of this she often gets into trouble. I had a lot of fun playing the way she lives her life in front of the camera. The way she walks in a bikini, I have never seen her walk like that in a bikini in any film. In many places, I found this character challenging because I probably wouldn't do the things that Iris does. Whereas my real character is similar to Iris's on-camera character. The first day we sat for script reading and workshop and when it was over I felt like I had started learning about acting again. I also found that journey very interesting and I think an actor looks for similar things.

Tipppsy (2024)

What's going on in your mind as the release date of 'Tipppsy' approaches?

I am very excited and who wouldn't be whose film is releasing on the silver screen? Releasing a film on the silver screen is a big deal. I feel very grateful that I got this opportunity. I cannot say that I am nervous because the time to be nervous is over, I have done as much as I had to do with my hard work and dedication. Now the audience will decide whether they like our content or not. It is the audience that decides the success and failure of the film. My request to all is that you all watch this picture. I think whatever we have experienced in making this picture has been very fun. This picture has been made in a very tough situation, but what we have experienced in its making has been very special. I have made many special friends during this film that is why this film is very special for me. The audience will be able to connect with one or the other of the characters in the film. It is a thriller film but the way our scenes and our dialogue have been written, we used to laugh a lot when we used to sit and read it. We have enjoyed playing these characters a lot, so the audience will also enjoy watching it. I think this is a very good entertainment film and the rest is in the hands of the audience.

What was the reaction of your family and friends?

Those people are more excited than me.

Have you received any feedback from Sanjay Dutt sir for this film?

No, I have not received any feedback from them. Nor do I speak to them for feedback because if I do, I would probably become even more nervous. Whenever any of my films come out, I go to online reviews and try to know their opinion. My family is very excited, and my friends are super excited. I am very happy that the picture is coming, and it is all God's grace.

So far, I have got very good responses after watching the trailer. Many lovely messages have come from fans and friends.

To be honest, when I started shooting for this film, I was not in my best physical condition. I was a little conscious about my looks, and I think actors are. The shooting of the film started very suddenly, we were not prepared for it. And there came a time when I became so conscious about my looks that I started thinking that maybe I should not do this picture. That too only because I was not mentally comfortable with the way I was looking in the film. Then I thought about my very bold character and she is breaking the norms of society. My character Iris's characteristics are such that she doesn't care how she looks, she is very comfortable in herself. Then I realized that I didn't want to give the impression that women should look a certain way. It is very important to look good in cinema but then you also need to be a great performer. That's why this film is very special to me.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to tell my fans and followers that you all have seen the journey of my film. I used to upload the journey of this film on my Instagram whenever I was shooting for this film. At that time I used to get a lot of messages asking when the picture was coming, and at that time I did not have any date to tell them. The film is being released in theaters on May 10. Please go and watch it, I hope you will like this film. I will be waiting for your feedback.


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