Patna Shukla: A Common Girl's Battle with the Education System

The film 'Patna Shukla' tells the story of an unusual fight between a common woman and her patient. Directed by Vivek Budakoti and Rajendra Tiwari, and produced by Arbaaz Khan,

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Patna Shukla A Common Girl's Battle with the Education System
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The film 'Patna Shukla' tells the story of an unusual fight between a common woman and her patience. Directed by Vivek Budakoti and Rajendra Tiwari, and produced by Arbaaz Khan, this film raises a deep question on the scam happening in our education system. Raveena Tandon, Satish Kaushik, and Anushka Kaushik are seen in the lead roles in the film. The film is streaming on Disney+Hotstar from March 29 and is getting a lot of love from the audience.

Raveena Tandon, Satish Kaushik Star in Disney+Hotstar Hit

Question- Raveena ji, the audience has seen you in different styles. Now you are seen playing the role of a lawyer in Patna Shukla. The audience has liked you very much in this character. What would you like to say about this?

Raveena- I am playing the role of a lawyer for the first time. I had not done any courtroom drama film or show before. I like courtroom drama and crime thrillers, I want to watch such films or shows again and again.

Question- Anushka ji, would you like to tell something about your character?

Anushka- I am playing the character of Rinki Kumari in this. Rinki is the daughter of a rickshaw puller and a bright student. All she wants to say is that she is not an extraordinary student who has got 90 percent marks, she just wants to say that the 60 percent marks she has got are hers which she has got through her hard work and cannot be obtained by giving any money or anything. That number cannot be taken away from her by scamming her. I think this is the story of a girl for whom where to invest or spend ten thousand rupees is a big deal. It is wrong to snatch away such a girl's marks and her future, and this story is about her fight. She doesn't know who she has to fight but she has to fight.

Raveena Patna Shukla

Question- You are playing the role of a lawyer in this film, so who do you consider as your inspiration?

Raveena- I think professionally I will not say about films but I will say that many of my relatives are lawyers and judges. My uncle was a prosecution lawyer in Madhya Pradesh, my grandfather had been a High Court judge in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, and he was posted in different districts. I have been interested in law since childhood and apart from that, my husband says that I debate very well and give amazing arguments and that I should have been a lawyer. I think I enjoy doing this kind of work a lot.

Question- Raveena ji, the magic of your show 'Karma Calling' had not even worn off yet, you spread your new magic. How do you manage all this?

Raveena- Like I always say we have different characters within us, it is up to us how we create our personality. But if we think about it, there is a part of some character somewhere in every actor or every person. The personality of my character Indrani Kothari is very different from that of Tanvi Shukla ji and the personality of Ramika Sen in 'KGF' was very different. If we talk about my character Aranya, who was a hill police inspector, her personality is completely different from these three. I feel that somewhere I too am in them and a part of them is also in me.

Patna Shukla A Common Girl's Battle with the Education System

Question- When you were doing Hindi films, you were the number one heroine and after that, you took a break. After the break, when you got the offer for OTT, how much dilemma was there between your heart and mind?

Raveena- I think at the time of doing Aranya, I knew that if I did a character, I would do an interesting character. A character that I have never played before. So when I got the character of Aranya, who is a Pahari police inspector, it was a challenge for me to understand his language and his accent and adapt it to my character. Following the same challenge, I did Ramika Sen and Indrani Kothari, and following the same I also did Patna Shukla.

Question- Is there any guideline that you follow to select your films or shows?

Raveena- No, there is no such guideline, I should like his story and character. The story of ‘Patna Shukla’ is close to my heart because I feel that through this film we are doing something for the country and the youth of the country. We are privileged people, we have resources, but what about those who do not have these resources, like Rinki Kumari, the character of this film? Rinki's father spent his life's savings on educating his daughter so that she could stand on her own feet. And when that girl's future is snatched away, then this is not just the story of that girl and her future. This is the story of a common man who does not know how to fight his battle against the system. The film is very family-friendly and is not an intense film in that there is a lot of sadness in the film. The film raises a new hope that every common man can fight this battle.

Raveena Tandon to star in Arbaaz Khan's production venture 'Patna Shukla'

Question- When you came to know that you were sharing the screen with Raveena Tandon in this film, what was your reaction, and what preparations did you make?

Anushka- I was just preparing for how I get shot in the eye and still survive. It is a big thing for me to share the screen with him and to sit here and give an interview today. This journey has been amazing for me, I have learned many technical things from it. Because Raveena ji has seen cinema and the world of Mumbai changing. Not only in acting but also as a human being, I have learned a lot from him. People often ask Raveena Ji how is she so beautiful. I believe that if a person is beautiful from within, his/her shine automatically reflects on the outside.

Question- Raveena ji, you have worked with the Khan family before and now that Arbaaz has become a producer, how was the experience of working with him?

Raveena- I think Arbaaz is a very good producer with whom both of us have had the opportunity to work. It was great working with him and we have been friends for many years. We both wish him all the best for his upcoming films and future.

Patna Shuklla | Official Trailer | Raveena Tandon, Manav Vij | Arbaaz Khan


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