Rab Se Hai Dua: Seerat learned to do makeup from YouTube and Instagram

Seerat Kapoor, known for her role in the TV show 'Imli', learned makeup techniques from YouTube and Instagram

Seerat has worked in films like 'Jersey' and TV shows like 'Rab Se Hai Dua'

She started wearing makeup after learning from online videos and it took her a long time to master the skill

Seerat prefers lip balm over lip tint and smudge liner over kajal

She uses compact powder and pink highlighter to keep her makeup simple

Seerat likes to wear nude lipstick as it enhances any look

She adapts her makeup look based on the occasion, opting for a slightly glossy makeup for parties

Seerat believes in using minimal skincare and makeup products to avoid damaging the skin

She prefers to keep her hair open and wears flats instead of heels

Seerat advises her fans to slowly try products that improve their skin without overwhelming it