Rashmi Gupta entering Dhruv Tara as a New character...

Actress Rashmi Gupta is entering the show Dhruv Tara, set in 1879, where she has to speak formally due to the historical setting, a departure from modern language

Gupta expresses excitement about joining the show and appreciates the production's respect for artists She urges fans to show more love and support as the show reaches 400 episodes.

She chose Dhruv Tara over other offers because of the unique character dynamics, portraying a positive role after playing contrasting characters in previous shows

Gupta's character in Dhruv Tara, Chandra, showcases a period look from 1879, with attention to detail in speech and appearance to fit the historical context

Fans can expect a positive and elegant portrayal from Gupta in her new character, Chandra, following requests for her to take on positive roles after her previous performances

The show's storyline and character relationships in Dhruv Tara appealed to Gupta, offering a fresh challenge compared to her past roles

Gupta expresses gratitude to fans for their support and eagerly anticipates their response to her new character in Dhruv Tara

The actress's return to television with a positive role in Dhruv Tara marks a shift from her previous characters, promising a new and engaging performance for viewers