Sehban's female fans send him DMs to not do intimate scenes

Atrangi App's new show 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' is a musical drama web show starring Sehban Azim, Deepshikha Nagpal, and Shivangi Verma in the lead roles. Let us tell you that the show will stream on Atrangi App from June 7.

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Sehban's female fans send him DMs to not do intimate scenes
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Atrangi App's new show 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' is a musical drama web show starring Sehban Azim, Deepshikha Nagpal, and Shivangi Verma in the lead roles. Let us tell you that the show will stream on Atrangi App from June 7.

Tell us something about how the Fitoor of 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' is going to affect the audience.

Sehban- We all grew up watching love stories and for so many years we have been watching love stories. We are always looking for a love story that is a little different. When I was listening to the story of this series, I felt something different in it and I was able to connect with its music and emotion. I felt that I could do something in this story and give something to this series. The story begins with the beginning of love between a boy and a girl. The girl is very simple and the boy is her complete opposite. There is also a layer of music in this story which is very beautiful because the mother is a singer and the son wants to become a singer. There is a girl named Sur who meets this boy and Sur also sings very well. These three are connected in this way but there is a love-hate relationship between them. The story is how it becomes a good love story in the end. Whether the heart unites or breaks will be known at the end of the story. For Sur, it is love and for my character, it is a passion.

Deepshikha- This is my first web series which is being released. This is the story of the relationship between a mother and her son. The mother is very emotional, she is a singer. Her life has its dilemma and how she has a love-hate relationship with her son, this is what will be seen in this story. This is a very beautiful story. Some scenes are very good. I am working with Sehban for the first time and our scenes in the series are very good. I am also working with Shivangi for the first time, on screen, we have a very good bond offscreen as well.

Shivangi- I was not here, I was in the States when I got a call from our creative caddy, and she gave me the briefing of the story. I liked the story a lot. After that I started craving to go to India and work and then somehow I came back to India. After that, I had my look test. After that I met Deepshikha and Sehban. I was very happy and positive that something good is going to happen. The day we started shooting, I lived the character of Sur. I was so immersed in the character that I forgot who Shivangi is. Sur's character and my character are almost the same. Sur is also a blogger and I am also a blogger in real life. I like social media a lot and I am also active there. As the story progressed, we fell in love with our characters and story. It seemed as if it should never end and it should become a daily soap. We enjoyed working in it a lot. This is not an ordinary love story, this story is very special. Special because it has Deepshikha and Sehban. This is a very beautiful story.

Sehban, during an interview you said that your female fans cannot see you doing such bold scenes. You get such DMs, would you like to tell something about it?

Sehban- I get a lot of DMs asking me not to do such intimate scenes because maybe they did not want to see me doing such intimate scenes. They want me to do more romantic scenes because they have seen me in that kind of character. Whatever projects I have got till now, I have mostly done intimate scenes in them. I feel that if such scenes are needed in the story which is taking the story forward, then I have no problem with such scenes. I have said no too many such projects where I felt that an intimate scene was being forced into the story. I want to tell all my fans that I am doing this in a very limited way and I am doing it only where the story needs such scenes to take the story forward. Since there is a family audience on TV, there is not that much freedom, but this freedom is available in films and web series.

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What do you think is special about this show?

Deepshikha- I am very excited because this is my first web series being released. It has music which I like very much. My character is a singer. The relationship between mother and son shown in it is very beautiful. Till now people have seen me in negative characters and I always wanted to do an emotional character, because this is my personality. I like doing emotional scenes very much because it shows an emotional side that the audience has not seen before. My look is also very good in this. In this series, I met these two beautiful people with whom I formed a beautiful bond.

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Sehban- I found the story very interesting. The emotion in the story is very good. When I got to listen to the music of this series, I became very happy because its music is very good. When I was told the story and its music, I could imagine in my mind how it would look on screen. The entire team of the series is very good.

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Shivangi- I would just say that you should take out time of your hectic schedule and watch 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' because it is a complete value-for-money series.


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