"'Showtime' shows the reality of the industry..." Emraan Hashmi

Hotstar's new web series 'Showtime', produced by Sumit Roy and directed by Mihir Desai and Archit Kumar, explores the nepotism of the entertainment industry.

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'Showtime' shows the reality of the industry... Emraan Hashmi

Hotstar's new web series 'Showtime', produced by Sumit Roy and directed by Mihir Desai and Archit Kumar, explores the nepotism of the entertainment industry. Emraan Hashmi, Mahima Makwana, Mouni Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal, Shriya Saran, Vijay Raj, Naseeruddin Shah, Lillete Dubey, Vishal Vashishtha, Neeraj Madhav, Gurpreet Saini, and Denzil Smith are seen in this series. Let us tell you that the executive producers of this show are Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Somen Mishra, and Mihir Desai. This is a production of Dharmatic Entertainment.

Let us tell you what the show's actor Emraan Hashmi, who is playing the role of a producer in this film, told about the show.

Actor Emraan Hashmi

You get the compliment of a good kisser in the industry because of your films. What is your reaction to this?

Any compliment is good. It became an image that was a very unique and strange thing. I think no actor had ever received such a tag before. Because of this, you are also typecast. I was very lucky that that image of mine was established in the first few years, but after that many filmmakers gave me different types of characters and then that image broke.

Your family is also from this industry, so was it difficult for you to create your own identity in this industry?

I think when any actor enters this industry, he has to face difficulties. Perhaps the outsider has to face more difficulties than the insider. Perhaps industry insiders find it a little easier at the entry point. People who come from outside sometimes are not able to even meet the assistant director in the office, let alone get cast in a film. But it is not that people from outside can't come and work here. Many people have come from outside but are very successful in the industry today. It was because of being from a film family that I got my first film. But my family members told me that in the end, it is the public that decides whether you can stay in this industry or not. If the public does not like your performance then you cannot survive in this industry. There are struggles and difficulties in every industry but you must persevere and keep moving forward.


Your films got love from the public but there was a different craze about your songs among the public. What would you like to say about the love your songs have received at a different level?

I consider myself very lucky that I got the opportunity to work with such good music directors, producers, and singers. The credit for all these songs getting so much love goes to these people. It is his love that he has given me such beautiful songs. It is God's gift that one or two songs from every film become chartbusters and this has been going on for the last 20 years. I will always be grateful that I got the opportunity to work with good people.

You are playing the role of a producer in the show 'Showtime' based on the same industry of which you are a part. What would you like to say about this?

Raghu Khanna, my character, is a producer, and after working with different producers for 20 years, I have done a lot of my homework. When the makers brought this show to me, I felt very happy to know that a show was being made about our industry in such depth. The story of this show is very good and there are going to be many revelations about Bollywood in it. The character of Raghu Khanna is a character that I have never played. Raghu Khanna is a mass film producer and makes his films with a singular vision. At the beginning of the show, it is shown how Raghu's relationship with his father is not good and he is fired from his own company and how he proves himself. This show will also be very interesting for industry insiders and people who are not from the industry will get a glimpse of how our industry is from inside.


Which topics have been touched on in this show?

Many topics have been touched on. Insider and Outsider topics have been going on as a very important issue for the last few years. We have shown how films are made how the stock goes up and down due to the hits and flops of the films and what effect it has on the people associated with them. What are the egos of actors, producers, and directors? And the one change that has come in the last 20 years is regarding women's contribution to films. Today, many talented girls in contemporary Bollywood are passionate about films and what is their position in this industry, what is their reality, these things are shown in this show. Many things have been shown very interestingly in it.

What would you like to say about the experience of working with Karan Johar?

I have worked with Karan on multiple projects. The way he and his production housework or the kind of films he makes you realize that the quality will never be compromised. Working with him makes one realize that he will never leave any stone unturned in script or making. He is also a good host, he has his show, he makes films and now he has also come into shows on OTT, and he does everything very well. That's why I keep asking him how he does all this work. If Karan Johar is producing something, it means that it must be good.


Now your debut is going to happen in South films also. You had once said something about South vs Bollywood, what would you like to say about it now?

I think there is not much difference between the two industries. Both industries make films very passionately. We have seen that after Covid, South films were performing very well but our films were not doing that well. But now we have bounced back and our films are also performing well. In this time, we have got to learn a lot from them and they have got to learn a lot from us. The film I am doing is a pan India film and it will be in multiple languages. Now the film industry is not just one industry, now people from all over India come together and work together.

'Goodachari 2' whose prequel came and now the sequel is about to come. People have given it a lot of love. What would you like to say about this?

The film is very interesting. I liked its script very much. He is leaving no stone unturned in its making also. The shooting is about to start and I am also waiting to work with the entire cast and crew.

Would you like to tell us something about ‘Aye Watan Mere Watan’?

You will know when the promo is released. Although I have a cameo appearance in it, my character is very dynamic and integral. I hope that people will like the film very much and everyone will also like the work. The only reason for doing this film is that it is a Dharmatic production and the second reason is that my very good and close friend whose first film I did was 'Ek Thi Daayan' and when he told me about this film, I agreed to do it.

Emraan Hashmi

Will this film be released in March?

Yes, it will come only in March.

According to you, what is the most special thing about ‘Showtime’?

‘Showtime’ is a series that allows peeking into the workings of our industry. Its story is very beautiful, it has very good characters. The show is very entertaining. Through this show, people from outside will know about this industry and what happens inside the industry. There is a world that people have celebrated and that is why people will like it.

Mayapuri Magazine is about to complete 50 years, I would like to share some memories related to Mayapuri Magazine.

Many congratulations to Mayapuri on the completion of 50 years and you have put out very good content for so many years. 50 years is a long time and when you stay in business for so many years then there must be something about you. My best wishes to the entire team of Mayapuri and May you continue like this for not just 50 but 100 years.

Emraan Hashmi

What would you like to say to your fans?

Our show ‘Showtime’ is releasing soon on 8th March. The show is very interesting, it is about Bollywood and there will be many revelations about Bollywood in it. I think the audience will find this show very interesting because it is full of entertainment. You will get to see some revelations in this show which you might not have even thought about Bollywood.

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