Superstar Singer 2 Winner Faiz's Dilemma Over 'Dekha Tenu' Song

Mohammad Faiz has been the winner of Superstar Singer Season 2. Let us tell you that Faiz released his song 'Kabhi Shaam Dhalein' a few months ago, which was loved by his fans. There are millions of views on this song.

By Shilpa Patil
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Superstar Singer 2 winner Mohammad Faiz
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Mohammad Faiz has been the winner of Superstar Singer Season 2. Let us tell you that Faiz released his song 'Kabhi Shaam Dhalein' a few months ago, which was loved by his fans. There are millions of views on this song. Faiz debuted as a playback singer in Bollywood with the song 'Dekha Tenu' from Dharma Productions' film 'Mr. and Mrs.' Faiz's voice was liked a lot in this song. Let us know what Faiz says about debuting with Dharma.

Dream Debut: Faiz's Journey into Bollywood Music

‘Dekha Tenu’ has received such a good response in such a short time, how do you see it?

This is a big thing for me because the song had crossed 10 million views on the first day itself. This is my first song which crossed 10 million on the very first day and was trending everywhere. It feels good, people are giving so much love.

How did you get this song?

I was sitting at my house when I got a call from Desi Melodies that Jani Paaji had to do a song with me. We went and that day I recorded two songs, one of which was ‘Kabhi Shaam Dhale’ and the other song was ‘Dekha Tenu’. After the song was recorded, when we played it to the team, they liked it very much. At that time, there was a lot of confusion going on in my mind about whether this song would be mine or of some big artist but finally, this song became mine.

If people do not know then they will think that this song has been sung by a big singer. How is the public's response to this song?

It feels good to see the response from the public, many big people have liked the song and have also liked it on social media. This never happens and now that it is happening, it is a lot of fun.

The public complains that you don't respond to their demands, so will you respond to their demands after this song?

This complaint is correct, but whenever I have to reply to someone, I come live and talk to them. If I reply to someone in DM, everyone else gets irritated.

A remake of a song is being made and it is getting good reviews, what would you like to say about it?

That song is an evergreen melody, people will listen to it even a hundred years from now. Whatever song's recreation is coming to someone's mind, it means that that song can never die, it is evergreen. Due to this, people's expectation also increases, so if someone is taking the risk of recreating a song, then he should make that song the best.

Would you prefer the original song or the recreated song?

This song is also completely original, only one line 'Dekha Tenu' has been taken from that song, and the rest of the song is original. The songs which are recreated or which are remixed deserve to be heard again and again by the people. People's reaction is very positive about this and I think it should be so.

When your music video comes, what thoughts are going through your mind?

Don't think anything, because if you think something and it doesn't happen then it doesn't feel good, hence one should not think anything.

What time of the day do you prefer to write or compose music?

By the way, after sleeping all night and all day, it feels like I am Batman. Because it is very quiet at night, we get a good vibe, hence we make songs till 5-6 in the morning.

People liked the song ‘Khamoshiyan’ that you sang in the audition for ‘Superstar Singer’. So do you consider it as your life-changing moment?

Of course, if that video had not gone viral, many songwriters would not have known about me and would not have been able to reach out to me and then I would not have got such songs.

What changes have you seen so far?

If I want something in life, I manifest those things. I had manifested all these things so I was not surprised by anything. I have manifested everything and it will keep happening slowly.

Superstar Singer 2 Winner: I am interested in acting too, but my main focus  will always remain singing, says Mohammad Faiz

Season 3 of Superstar Singer is going on, how much are you following?

I am following it very well, I have gone there twice. I had gone there to promote this song.

How do you feel when you go as a guest on the same show in which you were the winner?

Feel very good. There is a feeling of being a little older when all the children there say bhaiya-bhaiya.

How was the experience of working with Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor?

It was a lot of fun working. Both are very good. I couldn't believe it because I had seen him on TV and in the theatre. We were sitting together at the launch event of the song and this is a big thing for me.

If you get a chance in Bollywood, what kind of songs would you like to sing?

For all types of songs, I never keep any fixed type. Everything will be versatile, I am ready to do whatever song I get.

Mohammad faiz official (@Iam_Mohd_faiz) / X

How did your singing journey start, and if you are also interested in acting, have you tried it?

Haven't tried acting yet but am interested. If I talk about my singing journey, my maternal grandfather Ustad Shakur Khan Sahab was a classical singer and I have inherited this singing from him. I have learned from him for a long time. There is no such fixed age, I have been singing as long as I can remember since I regained consciousness.

How do you view making your music and singing for someone else in Bollywood?

Both are good, it depends on the song and how the song is being executed.

You have also collaborated with Sony, how was it collaborating with them?

It was great, we have a long association with Sony. Earlier he was with Sony TV, now he is also with Sony Music. Hope we will do a lot of work together in the future.

Superstar Singer 2: Mohammad Faiz wins grand finale, takes home ₹15 lakh -  Hindustan Times

You also had a collaboration with Dharma Productions, what would you like to say about that?

I am feeling proud of myself. This was my debut and that too with Dharma. I am going to flex this thing in front of everyone.

What would you have been if you were not a singer?

Don't know what would have happened, but whatever would have happened, it would have been in the art field only.

Apart from singing, what is your passion?

I do everything, I sketch, dance, draw, act, and a lot more. I do everything else except studying.

How Did Superstar Singer S2 Winner Mohammad Faiz Land His Bollywood  Debut?😮 Dekhha Tenu Song

You must have received messages from many female fans, how do you deal with all this?

I take it very positively, I get motivation from the fact that if I have done so much, I am getting this much and if I do good work, I will get more.

Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

One to two single songs will be released in the coming days.

How did you like the concept of the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’?

Loved it, saw its trailer too, and loved it. My song is in this film, so it is 100% my favorite movie from now on.

Are there any artists you dream of working with?

There are many artists like Rema, Justin Bieber, Tyla, and many more with whom I dream of working.

14-year-old Mohammad Faiz became the winner of 'Superstar Singer 2', won 15  lakh rupees along with the trophy - 'सुपरस्टार सिंगर 2' के विनर बने 14 साल  के मोहम्मद फैज, ट्रॉफी के साथ-साथ जीते 15 लाख रुपये

What would you like to say to your fans and loved ones?

As always, keep giving lots of love and lots of support. Increase the love you have given to 'Dekha Tenu'. Stream this song on every platform. Make a lot of reels on this song and tag me, I will mention whoever's reels I find good.

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