Surbhi Chandna's first impression of Karan was of a Shy boy

TV actress Surbhi Chandna got married to her long-term boyfriend Karan Sharma on March 2. Let us tell you that the relationship between Surbhi and Karan is 13 years old.

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Surbhi Chandna's first impression of Karan was of a Shy boy
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TV actress Surbhi Chandna got married to her long-term boyfriend Karan Sharma on March 2. Let us tell you that the relationship between Surbhi and Karan is 13 years old. Surbhi and Karan's wedding videos and photos are trending on social media even after a month of their marriage. Let us tell you how their relationship started.

Surbhi and Karan: A Love Story Unveiled

It has been a month since your marriage but your wedding videos and photos are still going viral on social media. How was that entire phase for both of you?

Surbhi- To be honest, it was very unexpected because we had planned the marriage thinking that we would do whatever we liked. When our wedding video reached social media, people accepted it with so much love which we had not expected at all. People have given a lot of love to our wedding photos and videos.

Karan- Whatever we did was very heartfelt for each other that is why people liked it because people also like two people who are in love and are doing so much for each other. Everything that was shown in the video was organic. As seen in the video, everything is organic, we did not do any practice for it even once.

Surbhi Chandna got married to her long-term boyfriend Karan Sharma

Surabhi- People practice this because it is a big day for people. They have big dreams for their wedding day. On the day of our wedding, it rained in the morning, the time of our varmala was 4 pm but the mandap was not ready till then. Therefore, whatever happened that day did not happen as per planning.

When both of you met each other for the first time, what was your first impression of each other?

Surbhi- I thought he was a very shy and cute boy. I went to his birthday party and I wished him a happy birthday. His birthday is on 9th September and mine is on 11th September, so I told him that we both are Virgo. And when I said this, his reaction was as if I was saying something weird. Even when I was leaving his party, I told him something. You tell me what did I tell you?

Karan- He said, birthday boy, you are very shy.

Surbhi- He was talking less so I thought maybe he was shy. The next day he messaged me again.

Karan- I was watching them very carefully. I felt that she was a very bubbly and innocent girl, which I liked very much.

Seeing that you have sung a song for your wedding video, everyone's reaction was that Surbhi also sings.

Surbhi- I also had the same reaction that I also had. He is the person behind my songs. It is such a beautiful thing that your partner knows about some hidden talent of yours that you are not aware of, and then he inspires you to explore that talent. And when you do this, you get praise from everyone. All the credit for my song goes to him.

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When the lyrics written by Karan came to me and he asked me to sing, I refused because the idea did not seem right to me. Earlier we were recording it at home so it was not looking good. After that Karan took me to a studio where he explained all the notes of the song to me very well, I sang the same, and then when the result came, it was so good that I started crying in the studio itself. At that very moment, I told Karan that we would use this song in our wedding when I will enter and see you for the first time. When that song was played on the wedding day, I showed all the love I have for it.

People look for the perfect man or the perfect girl. What is its definition for you?

Surbhi- Nothing is perfect.

Karan- You have to find the perfect in the imperfect.

Surbhi- I think love is accepting each other's shortcomings and imperfections and loving them for the same.

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You have become a trendsetter from wedding outfits to the color of chuda. What would you like to say about this?

Surbhi- I don't know how this happened. I never wanted pastel pink color or traditional red color because my wedding is the biggest day for me, so I want to live it as per my own. I looked at a lot of colors and then found something I liked. Many people also asked me about my chuda and how my mother allowed me to wear ivory-colored chuda. I'm tired of explaining to people that it's baby pink. When I saw this, my eyes were fixed on this. Chuda is selected by Mama but we are a bit liberal in these matters so he said I should take whatever I want.

You have been in this relationship for the last 13 years. So according to you, what is so special about this relationship that you are still with each other after so many years?

Surbhi- We have never planned anything.

Karan- Never planned anything. I think that do not think that if the relationship has started today then it has to last for five years or will you get married after so many years? I think everything happens according to luck and hence we did not plan anything like this. We never thought that our relationship would last for 13 years and after that, we would get married. We have lived every day openly with each other.

If you had to describe your relationship in one word, what would it be?

Karan- How would you define a relationship of 13 years in one word?

Surbhi- This relationship, this love, this emotion of being with him, all this is very beautiful. We have accepted each other as we are and it is not that we have set any trend. We just pray that our relationship and love will remain the same in the future.



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