‘Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor’ will stream on the Atrangi app from June 7

Atrangi App's new show 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' is a musical drama web show starring Sehban Azim, Deepshikha Nagpal, and Shivangi Verma in the lead roles. Let us tell you that the show will stream on Atrangi App from June 7.

By Shilpa Patil
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Atrangi App's new show 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' is a musical drama web show starring Sehban Azim, Deepshikha Nagpal, and Shivangi Verma in the lead roles. Let us tell you that the show will stream on Atrangi App from June 7.

You guys are bringing a new show in a new style. How excited are you guys for this show?

Sehban- Just like everyone is happy when a baby is delivered after nine months, similarly for us this is our child and we are all very happy with his arrival.

Deepshikha- When the fruit of your hard work comes in front of you, then you forget all those troubles and just wish that when it comes in front of the people, people will watch it. We all are very excited about this show. This is my first web series, I love music and this is a musical love story. This whole show is very beautiful. I am very excited about this.

Shivangi- I am also very excited. We have worked very hard for this, and have put our whole life into it. The story of this show is its father. We have added a lot of strength to this story.

Deepshikha- We have shot by staying awake all night.

Shivangi- We have worked in a very hectic schedule. Because we have worked very hard, we want the audience to like our work. I think the audience will like it because this is a very beautiful story in which we have worked.

Your character in this show is quite different from your previous shows. Tell us something about your character.

Deepshikha- My character's name in the show is Nandini Prasad, who is a singer. My characters have always been powerful, whether it is a positive character or a negative character. I like emotional characters a lot and I play them very well, I have always been a big fan of Bhatt Sahab. I always wanted to play an emotional character and I got a chance to play such a character in this show. I like Nandini's entire journey a lot. Our creative person Kadambari narrated all the characters with a lot of passion, and seeing her passion I decided to do this show. I am working with Shivangi and Sehban for the first time and both of them are very good actors. The way the story was narrated, it has been brought on screen in the same way, so I am very happy.

Sehban- My character in Dear Ishq was very rude, this character is four times ruder than that. He hates his mother while his mother loves him. He has created a different world since childhood and he feels that all his problems are because of his mother. His whole life revolves around this. He becomes a man who is not a gentleman at all. He does what he feels like doing. He then meets a girl who is very simple and good and now he does not understand what to do with this girl. After meeting that girl, he does not understand what to do with his life. I think the character of Sur acts as a catalyst for him which will help him to become a human being again and bring him closer to his mother.

Shivangi- I am a person who can adapt to any genre and I am very proud of this. My character's name in this show is Sur. Sur's character and my character are almost the same? Sur is also a blogger and I am also a blogger in real life. There are many ups and downs in Sur's life which she manages very beautifully. Sur also has a very good relationship with Nandini in the show. The output of the show has also been great. We have fallen in love with this show, so I think the audience will also fall in love with it.

There are a lot of bold scenes in it, so how comfortable were you and what kind of feedback have you received?

Sehban- As a male, my first responsibility is that the girl opposite me should be comfortable. The girl with whom I am shooting an intimate scene should be more comfortable than me. We talked to each other before the scene and discussed what to do and what not to do. When you are comfortable, it becomes easier to do that scene. We have to show it in a way that does not look vulgar and also looks visually appealing. People who are comfortable watching me in such scenes have always appreciated my work. I do not do much choreography in it, I try to keep it as natural as possible. So far, the feedback is good.

What would you like to say to your fans and viewers?

Sehban- I think 'Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor' has the same relationship with the fans. They have all been with me since my first show. I love them all and talk to a lot of them. I thank everyone who supported me and appreciated my work. Please watch the show and let us know how you liked it. It is because of your love and support that I have reached here.

Deepshikha- You guys have always given me love and it is because of you that we actors are here. Keep loving us like this, and remember us in your prayers, I promise I will keep entertaining you all like this.

Shivangi- You all are my family. You have always given us love and support and this time too we need your support a lot. On 7th June, on the Atrangi App, give us lots of love for Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor

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