Udne Ki Aasha: Neha-Kanwar Reveals Each Other Secrets

Star Plus show 'Udne Ki Aasha' tells the story of what changes happen in the lives of these two people when Sayli, a dreamer who is waiting for her prince, gets a thug as her life partner.

By Shilpa Patil
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Udne Ki Aasha Neha-Kanwar Reveals Each Other Secrets
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Star Plus show 'Udne Ki Aasha' tells the story of what changes happen in the lives of these two people when Sayli, a dreamer who is waiting for her prince, gets a thug as her life partner. Kanwar Dhillon and Neha Harsora are winning the hearts of the audience in the lead roles in the show.

When did you first meet?

Kanwar- Our first meeting was during our look test and it was very good and that is why today we are sitting in front of you.

Neha- We had so much fun on the very first day that we did not face any problems on the further journey.

What was your first impression of each other?

Kanwar- I think Neha's first impression of me would have been that I am a very rotten and serious person. Because people often think that I am just such a person unless I talk to them openly. My first impression about Neha was that she is a very sweet and hardworking girl.

Neha- I had not thought so badly about him as Kanwar has said. My first impression of Kanwar was that he talked a lot.

What three things do you carry with you on set?

Neha- They bring Ali and he has everything.

Kanwar- My boy Ali is with me and he has all my things. The three things I take with me to the set are my hair guy, my boy, and my phone. Neha carries Pushpa Dada who is her boy. Pushpa Dada comes carrying all her things, which has become the second thing and she comes carrying herself, which has become the third thing.

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What is each other's catchphrase?

Neha- He keeps saying something or the other the whole day. Well, on the Kanwar set, when we are ready to give the shot, he says, “Come, come, come, and let’s start.”

Kanwar- She speaks a few words in Gujarati that I cannot understand.

Is there one quality you like about each other?

Kanwar- Neha is very cheerful. She deals with things very well. She doesn't feel bad about anything. It is very lively which a very good thing is.

Neha- He comes on the set with a lot of energy, so I sleep half the time and as soon as he comes, I wake up from sleep. He is full of energy and is very friendly with everyone.

Kanwar- I try to get a pack up on time and run home.

There have been 50 episodes of the show. Which scene is your favorite so far?

Kanwar- I liked our wedding night track the best, where she brings a glass of milk and he is sitting with a bottle of liquor. Apart from this, I also liked our sparring scenes in the beginning very much. Our first scene is a fight over our defeat, where I also call it a fighter plane etc. The audience also liked that scene very much.

Neha- I also liked the wedding night sequence very much. Apart from this, there is another scene that I like very much when we sit far apart on the bike. I found that scene very interesting and funny.

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How would you describe your off-screen friendship in one word?

Kanwar- It is natural, there is no extra effort that I have to say nice things to her or she has to say nice things to me. Our friendship is quite chill.

What would you like to say to your fans and audience?

Kanwar- You are giving us a lot of love in the form of Sachin and Sayli and you have also given us a lovely hashtag #Sachi, which is very much in discussion and that discussion is very nice. Since so much is being spent on the show, there needs to be a discussion on the expenses. The way you are giving love to 'Udne Ki Asha', keep giving it in the same way. As we had promised you are going to get such an overdose of Sachin and Sayli that there will be no scope for any complaint. The upcoming tracks are going to be very interesting.

Udne Ki Aasha (TV Series 2024– )

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