Vanshaj: Mahir Pandhi Portrays a Character Audiences Love to Hate

Mahir Pandhi, known for his roles in popular television shows, is receiving praise for his portrayal of Digvijay Mahajan in the serial 'Vanshaj'

Pandhi shares his positive experience of working with Swastik Productions and Siddharth Kumar Tiwari, highlighting the supportive and creative environment on set

The show is set in Umargam, near Gujarat, and Pandhi mentions the strong teamwork and dedication of the entire cast and crew

The character of Digvijay Mahajan was intentionally written as a negative or gray-shade character, aiming to create a love-hate relationship with the audience

Pandhi expresses his gratitude for the love and appreciation he has received from the audience, emphasizing the changing perception of villains in today's viewers

He encourages fans of 'Vanshaj' and his character to continue watching and supporting the show

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