"Will not work with new people or new products..." Soniya Bansal

Soniya Bansal, who started her career with the Hindi film 'Naughty Gang', has also worked in Hindi films and Telugu films. Apart from this, Soniya has also worked in Punjabi music videos and Hindi music videos.

By Shilpa Patil
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Will not work with new people or new products
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Soniya Bansal, who started her career with the Hindi film 'Naughty Gang', has also worked in Hindi films and Telugu films. Apart from this, Soniya has also worked in Punjabi music videos and Hindi music videos. Soniya has come into the limelight after Bigg Boss season 17. Let us tell you that Soniya's new song 'Koi Baat Nahi' is going to be released with Shiv Thackeray. Let us tell you what Soniya says about this song.

Your new song ‘Koi Baat Nahi’ is about to be released. You are so excited.

Right now only the music video is coming, so I am not that excited, I am waiting for more projects.

How has your life changed after Bigg Boss?

After Bigg Boss, life does not change on its own, change has to be created. I create this life change myself. Work is currently underway on some projects. It's time for him to go on the floor, so I thought he should just do small songs till then.

This song of yours is with Shiv Thackeray. How did this project come to you tell us something about the experience of working with Shiv Thackeray?

Shiv is a very good friend of mine, so the song was also shot while joking with him. Shiv himself had preferred me for this song. He told me that the shooting of this song would be in Nainital and I was already planning to go to Nainital. Because of this song, I even went to Nainital.

How was your off-screen bond with Shiva?

I knew Shiv only from reality shows. When I saw him in 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa', I was shocked because seeing his personality, I did not think that he could dance so well. I have known him for a long time but we have never worked together. We have worked together on this song, and I hope that we work together in the future.

Is this a romantic song?

This song tells the story of a couple who want to get married but are unable to get married due to family reasons. For this reason, they separate and the girl gets married to someone else. There is a similar story in this song. I want a film of mine to come out whose story I can narrate to you.

You seem to be friends with the people of Bigg Boss. Especially with Khanzadi with whom you had the biggest rift in the show.

I had no such rift with him. I guide him in everything. It was like this in Bigg Boss, when I used to explain something to her, sometimes she would listen to me, sometimes not and because of this we used to fight. In Bigg Boss, it was shown that we always had fights but it was nothing like that. She was living with me for just one and a half months and I never had any such fight with her.

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You said in an interview that everything is decided in Bigg Boss's house.

When I entered Bigg Boss, I did not know anything about the pattern of Bigg Boss. I didn't like the way they showed me as a failure on screen. Because I am ahead everywhere, then how can I fail in Bigg Boss? For this reason, I now stay away from reality shows. Out of all the people in Bigg Boss's house, no one was as capable as me. Because I make myself perfect in everything. There were some people also there.

Just a few days ago, a song of Ayesha Khan was launched in which she did not participate. His producer had told him to complain. You also have a song coming, will you be a part of the promotion of your song?

I have also done this. I had left a film, this is still a song. We are people outside the industry, so when we do any project, we do not have much idea whether this project is being made by telling the truth or by telling lies. And if someone ever makes you do something else by saying something else, then you should stay away from such people. And if something like this has happened to Ayesha too then she should stay away from them. There are people in this industry who get you work by lying to you.

I have learned from my mistakes that I will never work with new people or new products, because these people sometimes make mistakes. Those who are new, do not know much, and because of them our career as an actor gets spoiled.

I have also done one or two songs which I am not going to promote and I had told this before signing the contract. I had already told them that if I liked the song then only I would put it on my profile, otherwise I would not put it. Before doing any work, I tell them that I am doing this work only for payment, if I like it then only I will put it in my profile.

Apart from this music video, would you like to say something about your upcoming music videos?

I have a music video coming from Zee which has been directed by my friend Mohit Kapoor. This was his first work as a director. We shot this song in Baku where the temperature was in minus degrees. This song is also very good. My looks are also very good in this song. Apart from this, there are two more songs.

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A new season of Khatron Ke Khiladi is coming, in which there is talk of your arrival also. How much truth is there in this?

Right now I don't know because if my project starts, I will go to Europe and I will stay there for a month. If I am free, I would like to go.

What would you like to tell your fans?

This is a very good song, and you will like it. I have a different look in my upcoming projects and you will also like it.

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