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Ira Sone Gets Candid


Ira Sone talks to JYOTHI VENKATESH about her journey, the kind of shows she wants to do and what she would like to change in the industry.

Which characters from which shows made a huge impact on your career?

None so far, but there was one character which was extremely challenging for me. It was ‘Sawaare Sabke Sapne… Preeto’.I was playing this character called Ishmeet. She was a girl completely opposite to what I am, so that was difficult. There was so much chaos that was going on and I take full charge for it. I can’t change what is happening outside but I take full responsibility for being extremely vulnerable, all through the show.

Have you done any acting course? If yes, how did it help? Any interesting experience during the course.

No, I haven’t done any acting courses but I do wish to go and learn sometime soon. My take on acting is that one needs to have a lot of experiences through life which make you learn so much. Your personal journey will enhance your acting career. If you are already an emotional and empathetic person, that is all that you need.

What advise you would like to give to people who want to become actors?

People who want to become actors should go out there and become actors. I don’t understand when people say I want to become an actor but I cannot, who is stopping you? Work hard. You should be aware whether you have the skills or not as it’s not a piece of cake. So, if you want to become an actor, go out there, put yourself out there, bring out the best that you’ve got and give it in front of the camera. Nothing in this world will stop you from becoming what you want to become.

TV actors are doing Bollywood and Bollywood actors are doing TV. The perceived value has changed.Comment/express your viewpoint. 

I think fantastic. I think it is such a good change that has come about in the format of TV and films. I think the web has a lot of credit to take on this because since the web space has been introduced, we see a lot of TV actors doing web. We see a lot of film actors doing shows on the web as well. So there are no boundaries.

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Who are your favourite Bollywood stars and why?

I adore Kareena Kapoor. I think she has such an amazing graph. She’s such a spontaneous actor, her choice of films has been very interesting because she’s not always been a success. She’s had a journey where she comes from a family, which is amazing, and she had it all going for her but then things didn’t go right because of the choice of films. But, I think, her attitude is what attracts me to her, as an actor. Then there’s Priyanka Chopra ,who doesn’t love her, what is there to not love about her. She’s definitely an inspiration to not just me, but many.

People in the industry say that luck makes all the difference in any actors’ career. What is your take on this? Share personal experience if any. 

We all come from a religious space because India as a country is very religious. So, our parents believe in religion or tarot cards and all of that. It is part of us. There was a palm reader who saw my hand and said that I don’t have a luck line but I didn’t believe that person because I come from the school of thought that I am very lucky. But luck is not what gets you from point A to point B. It’s how you hustle, it’s how you make things possible, it’s how you keep learning every day. That is what is going to make your dreams come true. You’re not going to sit somewhere and say, “Oh, I’m lucky so, I got a big break.” Nobody has ever got a big break like that.

 What are your strengths as an actor?

My strength as an actor is that on set, I am a director’s actor. I prepare a lot. I am a method actor. So, I like to intensely think of the character as the character and when I reach the set, I am probably almost prepared about what I have to do. I’m very organized and my director does not have a problem. Most of my directors have not had a problem working with me, which is a big one up.

What kind of roles do you want to do in the future? 

I want to do a biopic. I want to play a real life character. I want to play somebody who’s been strong and who’s had a journey and can narrate their story. It’s going to be extremely challenging and exciting to do justice to someone else, from body language, to the tone, to the look, to the mannerisms, you have to put in everything you got. If something excites me, if something is challenging, it keeps me going. So, I’m looking forward to play somebody who’s been important and has made an impact.


Is there any dream role, if yes why it is your dream role?

If I could play a Madonna, I would consider myself very lucky because that lady has inspired me through her music. She was way ahead of her time. From Bollywood, I would want to play Sridevi.

Specify two changes you want in the Tv industry?

I might just hurt a lot of people and I apologize for that. This is not personal. This is just an overview of my own observation. It’s got nothing to do with others, don’t take it personally, please. I think people need to get out of their own head, get out of their own insecurities about how am I looking, am I looking fine? Etc. We are already celebrities. We are already in that 3% where people who don’t know us but still like us. So, let’s just count ourselves lucky and think about the bigger perspective. There is a lot that we can do. There is a lot that we can influence. We can influence the youth, so why not? That’s the only thing I think we need to change.

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