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Is Alia Bhatt Playing A Brothel Keeper In Slb’s Next???

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Alia Bhatt has assured fans that even though “Inshallah” might have been shelved at the last moment, she’ll work with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali very soon. Bhansali, Alia and Salman Khan were supposed to start work on “Inshallah” last month, but Salman backed out days before filming was supposed to begin, reportedly due to creative differences with Bhansali.

Alia told reporters at Wednesday’s IIFA 2019 awards that she was looking forward to working with both of them, but ‘things never really go as per plan’. She said, “I was very excited to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, of course very excited to work with Salman as well. I believe that sometimes things just happen and it’s not in your control. That way there’s a saying that if you want to make God laugh then tell him about your plans because plans never really go as per plan. But I can give it you in writing that I am going to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali very soon.”

It is being rumoured that Bhansali and Alia will instead work together on a film about a brothel owner. A source said, “Bhansali had committed to working with Alia and is a man of his words. He is now discussing a film revolving around a brothel owner of Kamathipura, Gangubai. The film will be an adaptation of a chapter from S Husain Zaidi’s ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’.”

Salman, who hasn’t offered any explanation about dropping out of the film at the last moment, said at IIFA, “Currently, “Inshallah” is not being made. “Inshallah” will be made but at least not with me.” Salman has instead assured fans that he will be releasing another film for Eid 2020, when “Inshallah” was supposed to release.

Disagreements arose between Salman and Bhansali over the climax of the film, which wasn’t like a typical ‘Bhai’ potboiler. The source said, “Sanjay only narrated the first half of “Inshallah” to Salman. He wasn’t ready with the post-interval sequences. Salman asked Sanjay to also read out the second half and how the film would play out, especially the climax which is very important in the film. “Inshallah” is a sweet love story and the way the film is treated will be very different from any of Salman’s films that we have seen in the last few years.”


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