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Is Mallika Sherawat’s character in her new show inspired by TV czarina Ekta Kapoor?


Despite living in the 21st century, it’s still hard for a woman to make it to the top in her field of work and while we’ve seen some real-life queens who have done it all, it’s been a tall uphill task.

And now, we have yet another woman of substance in town, Zohra Mehra from MX Exclusive Nakaab.

She’s fierce, feisty, a go getter and someone who has worked her way to the apex of the entertainment industry – on her own terms.

Played by the vivacious Mallika Sherawat, Zohra is a leading and influential TV producer, and the actress says she relates to the perseverance of her character.

But could it be that her character is inspired from the real-life TV czarina Ekta Kapoor?

When asked about the same, Mallika Sherawat says, “I have immense respect for Ekta and all that she has achieved in what was always a male dominated industry.

And while many may like to compare, my character Zohra is in fact made of a strong fabric, and I can totally relate to her.

I started out from scratch and worked hard to reach where I am today. All I can say is that it takes a lot of perseverance to make it on your own.

As a single woman, it was tough, there are hurdles that you might think you will never be able to cross but eventually you make your way through. Kudos to all the women out there, trying to carve their own path.”

The world of television remains an enigma to most of us. We are only exposed to the glitz and the glamour, but what goes on behind the screen?

Nakaab sees Aditi Amre (Esha Gupta) get assigned to a high-profile death case of a prime-time television actress Vibha Dutta (Ankita Chakrobarty) who was very close to Zohra Mehra (Mallika Sherawat).

Aditi’s monotonous life turns upside down when she starts unfolding intricate details about the case.

As Aditi embarks on this journey with her senior, Pawan Bisht (Gautam Rode), she discovers a part of her own personality that she never knew existed within her.

They say some secrets are best kept hidden, but will they be able to unmask the true faces behind this or will she give in to the powerful forces at play? Is Vibha’s death an accident, suicide, or murder?

The Soumik Sen directorial sees an ensemble cast including Esha Gupta, Gautam Rode, Mallika Sherawat and Ankita Chakraborty, and is all set to release on 15th September only on MX Player.