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Is Salman Khan so disappointed in Race that he has decided to back out from “Dancing Dad”?

There has been a lot of Buzz about Salman planning to step back from Remo’s Next film Dancing Dad.


“Race 3”, was the most awaited film of the year. Everybody, the Director, Producer, the stars or the fans had their hopes set high and why not Salman Khan Films are known to set bench marks. Well , this time the film did not do that well, though it has crossed the 14O crore mark but the film could not captivate the heart and minds of its fans also making room for the critiques to exercise their cynicism.

Seems like the films performance has left Salman hopeless, recently the actor had confirmed that he would be starring in Remo D’Souza next dance film tentatively titled ‘Dancing Dad’, however, it is now being heard that Salman may have left the project.

Among all the criticism for race, the stand out factor was Remo D’Souza’s abysmal directorial efforts. This might have been the reason why Salman is so apprehensive of doing the film.

It’s not confirmed if these Rumours are true but a recent report from TOI revealed that Salman Khan will be paired with Jacqueline Fernandez. In the film, Salman would play the father of a 9-year-old girl the central focus on the film is father who goes against the odds to teach his daughter every skill of dancing in order for her to win a dancing competition.

Well the film for sure has a captivating storyline, Let’s just hope these are just Rumours.

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