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Virat Kohli is ready to be Dad


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma make for a perfect couple with balancing out each other’s energies. On one hand, Virat is an enthusiastic, passionate and emotional partner, Anushka is calm, grounded and subtle int he relationship, making them a power couple. Virat who was captain of IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore spoke about his wife Anushka and her impact on his life.

Virat feels Anushka is more sorted one amongst them. He gave so many compliments for Anushka Sharma and the best one was that she took him towards spirituality. He said he has realised many things after she came in his life and has drifted him on this path of spirituality. He also said that he understands that he was meant to do this and added that if he has to do this in every lifetime of his, he will do it 100 times over because it is a blessing.

He also talked about life after they will have kids, and this makes us believe that he is ready to be a father. He said that he would not keep any of his trophies or display his achievements in his house in front of his kids because he wants them to grow without any pressure. He said that having a family is very, very important for him and that is something that is very, very clear and close to his heart. He wants no part of his career being flashed into his house while his kids are growing up.

Isn’t he thoughtful enough for his kids already?

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