Isha Koppikar gets nostalgic about republic day celebrations seeing her daughter and reminds us of the historic importance

By Team Bollyy
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The constitution was formally drafted on the 26th of January 1950. We celebrate this day as the republic day of India. Isha gets emotional and she shares her heart out on why this day is such a gallant occasion for us all Indians.


All our rights are upheld by the constitution and people have died to fight for democracy in India so we could see a golden India. We might be enjoying the benefits of the constitution without really understanding it.

Now is a time to reflect and introspect. Isha sees her daughter celebrate the day and she is a proud mother. She goes back right to her childhood days when they would be doing the same. Let's hear what she has got to share.


Here is what isha shares, "Seeing my daughter celebrate republic day, I get very nostalgic. We would be lining up early in the morning for a parade on this day and we would celebrate it with tiffins that were served at the school.

It would be momentous for us as kids. India will be celebrating its 73rd republic day and it's an extremely important date. Our constitution was drafted and we are one of the youngest nations in the world. Our rights come from our constitution and it enables us to go out there and fight for our dreams.

Nothing is bigger than that. India truly is the land of opportunities and we are turning into some of the most glorious times ahead.

We might have seen the pandemic and its havoc but there is a silver lining to that as well. We have understood the importance of healthcare, family, and flexibility like never before. Let's celebrate this day and understand why it's such an important date for all of us Indians."

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