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Ishaan Khatter is ready to hit the silver screen and make his acting debut with Majid Majidi’s film Beyond The Clouds, opposite Malavika Mohanan. The actor is currently working on his big project Dhadhak opposite Janhvi Kapoor under the guidance of Karan Johar.

While interacting with a leading daily, Ishaan talked about his bond with Shahid Kapoor and if he takes his advice or not. He said; “He is like a sage sometimes. He has a philosophical side to him that a lot of people are not exposed to, where he says things like, ‘Beta, come let me tell you about life’. So, he imparts a lot of wisdom and shares his experience. Mostly, it’s me listening, while sometimes he is interested in listening to my perspective about things, too. One of the most significant things my brother told me was to always be honest, as that will translate on camera. He says, ‘Chase honesty and authenticity. Be sincere in the moment. Try and find an honest moment rather than achieving a certain kind of effect’. Actors can become technically sound, but honesty always translates even if you are not doing a lot of things on camera.”

When he was asked if Shahid is dominating, he said;  “He likes to use the experience card a lot. His closing line is ‘Vadda kaun?’ when he doesn’t win an argument (laughs!). However, he is not overtly dominating. We come from a very liberal family. He has strong opinions, but he doesn’t always share them, unless I am seeking his views. I have watched his films repeatedly and have learnt a lot by observing him. Since I am close to him, I know where a certain emotion is coming from.”

Ishaan also said it would be unfair to him if he is compared with Shahid Kapoor as his elder brother is much experienced than him. He said; “I strongly believe that your work speaks for itself. I would never compare myself with him. If others do, they have a right to their opinion and freedom of choice. It will be unfair to pit me against my brother as he is somebody with 15 years of experience. There is no way I can perceive him as competition, as he is family. I don’t find any sense in these comparisons.”

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