Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Cast Beat The Heat In Delhi With Golas And Goti Soda

During the scorching summer heat, our bodies tend to feel dehydrated due to which, our energy levels drop. To up the energy and deal with

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During the scorching summer heat, our bodies tend to feel dehydrated due to which, our energy levels drop. To up the energy and deal with the harsh heat, many love to consume tasty coolers and a lot of cases, even innovate their favourite summer fruits. For the first outdoor shoot of Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show; Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein, the cast was shooting in Delhi during peak summers. Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein is a beautiful love story of a hearing-impaired boy named Yogi. Shooting in the heat of Delhi 06, every nook and corner of the place was shouting authenticity. Little did they know, the scorching heat of Delhi was not an easy task to fight. Lead of the show, Mudit Nayar who plays the role of Yogi, hails from Allahabad and had a fair idea of the hot weather in Delhi. Being the kind soul that he is, he took it on himself to keep the cast hydrated and fresh throughout the day while they were in the city. Although he was reminding everyone to drink an ample amount of water continuously, he also called for ‘gola-wala’ and ‘Goti soda’ to bring in the Delhi feels. He ensured that during the break everyone was consuming enough amount of fluid to keep their energy levels up during the shoot schedule. From Rishina Kandhari who is playing the role of Rani, Yogi’s elder sister in law to Swati Shah who is playing the role of Kusum, Yogi’s mother everyone enjoyed the summer coolers in the mini-breaks they got during the shoot. Even Kiran Karmarkar who is playing the role of Yogi’s father and Kaaran Singh who will be seen as Yogi’s elder brother were having goti-sodas one after the other. Everyone on sets thoroughly relished the mini gola and goti soda party which was the need of this hour. When we reached out to Mudit to share his experience while shooting in Delhi he said, “While we were shooting in Delhi, it reminded me of my college days where I used to hang out with my friends drinking nimbu-pani and goti-soda around the campus. Delhi has my heart and I have spent many years in this city. From summers to winters, I have enjoyed all the weathers at their extreme. Delhi summers are blazing and it is mandatory to keep oneself hydrated with enough intake of liquids. To add flavour and colour to the liquids, I called for golas and goti soda for the cast and made them enjoy the real drinks of Delhi.”

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