Ismail Umar Khan: I love working on festivals

By Bollyy
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Ismail Umar Khan: I love working on festivals

Director Ismail Umar Khan says that he loves to go to the set of festivals, including Diwali, as he loves the festive vibe. He adds that he makes sure to spend time with his family and friends as well.

“I love to work during festivals, especially during Diwali. People working around you are so energetic and lively. Only positive vibes! Of course, after pack up, being with family, and meeting friends, socializing completes the festive day,” he says.

He adds, “Gone are the days when we used to light fatake ki ladi, Ful jadi and chakri.  In fact, nothing can beat the glamour of Anar. On the contrary, with every passing year, people are getting more aware of noise pollution and environmental pollution.”

Talking about shopping and other plans for Diwali, he says, “Most of the time for Diwali I shop for festive clothes and gift packs for close friends. Our profession teaches us time management. We are experts in the balancing act. Diwali is celebrated at night so it’s not very difficult to manage time.”

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