Iss baar shrap ka hai vaar kya bach payega Yash aur Chikki ka pyaar? Aashiqana Season 4 set to release on 24th July on Disney+ Hotstar

return with Aashiqana Season 4 to unveil the secrets of the past and face the brunt of an unforeseen curse. The series director is Gul Khan,

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Aashiqana Season 4 set

~ Produced by Gen Z Studios, Series Director Gul Khan, lead cast Zayn Ibad Khan and Khushi Dubey return as Yash and Chikki with the fourth season of Aashiqana~

Bigger threats, several hurdles, and mysterious folklore; as the modern world meddles with the old world and customs, a pandora’s box opens unleashing a curse, an untold mystery and paranormal forces like never before. Disney+ Hotstar drops the power-packed trailer of the fourth season of their popular series, Aashiqana. While Yash and Chikki are standing on different paths, their lives are set to take an unusual, spooky turn, leaving us wanting more. Zayn Ibad Khan and Khushi Dubey return with Aashiqana Season 4 to unveil the secrets of the past and face the brunt of an unforeseen curse. The series director is Gul Khan, and produced by Gen K Studios, Aashiqana Season 4 will stream exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from 24th July onwards.

The series features veteran actor Himani Shivpuri alongside talented actors Jayati Narula, Indrajeet Modi, and Geeta Tyagi in pivotal roles.

Talking about Aashiqana Season 4, actor Zayn Ibad Khan

“People have always had polar opinions about paranormal activities. Some feel it's true, some believe it's science. While Aashiqana has always been a journey full of thrills and mysteries, this season Yash and Chikki will be seen caught in a similar phenomenon. With secrets toppling out of the box and mysteries unfolding, they must bind together to fight against a curse. Yash will be seen with a completely different look as he navigates the connection between the modern world and old customs, leaving audiences with thoughts and questions. I am super excited for season 4 and am looking forward to audience reactions. In fact, if I had to describe it, I would say it in an old saying, ‘What we know is a drop, what we don't is an ocean”

Khushi Dubey talking about the new season of Aashiqana

“In Aashiqana season 4, we are all set to take over new mythical mysteries and come face to face with an old legend. We are exploring a phenomenon that has always been difficult to fathom despite having many theories about it. This time, Chikki has many shades to her character as she deals with instances that show how intrinsically the past is connected with the present. Of course, Aashiqana and her love story with Yash has also taken a different direction but they must come together to fight these demons. I must say, I had goosebumps when I first read the script and I hope the audience loves it as well!”

 Gul Khan talk about Series Director

“With each growing season of Aashiqana, we have received immense love and appreciation for the show which has helped us to introduce newer characters and new plot twists. We are very excited about this season as it deals with a lot of dark mysteries beyond and how the duo - Yash and Chikki tackle them. In Aashiqana Season 4, one can experience love, thrill, mystery, paranormal activities, and a lot of new integral characters. Looking forward to 24th July for the new season to be released on Disney+ Hotstar.”

~Join Yash and Chikki in the fourth chapter of Aashiqana on Disney+ Hotstar from 24th July onwards~


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