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It Is An Honour To Be Directed By Vinod Pande, Says Gaurav Sharma


Jyothi Venkatesh

Gaurav Sharma’s film debut will happen soon with noted film maker Vinod Pande who has made cult shows like Airhostess, Reporter and films like Ek Baar Phir. He is coming back with a film titled Underker. Speaking about his big ticket Gaurav says,”In the year 2012 I was supposed to do a film with Vinod Pande but it was shelved. At that point of time he did promise me that one day he will give me a break. Luckily I have assisted him in his work after that. Finally, Vinod Sir offered me this film Undertaker. It is about the life of those people who take care of the dead bodies with no claimants. Whatever identity that body has the Undertaker will do the last rites based on their regional and caste which they get to know from the documents and other objects that were found. I find this subject extremely engaging and it made me curious. Aashu my character is one such person, who is a local boy doing this job for survival. In a city like Mumbai there are agencies who are doing this kind of job now. The story also has an angle about not getting unidentified bodies and how they are deprived of not earning money.” Gaurav also shares the amount of prep work he has put in. “For close to ten months I have lived a normal life, I have travelled in local trains, sat on the floor and spoke the local dialect. Working in this film gave me the opportunity of seeing Vinod Sir closely. He works in layers. He has an eye for detail for everything, I also find it commendable that he is actually coming up with a subject on Undertakers which no one has done. It is an honour to be directed by Vinod Pande.” The film Undertaker will go to couple of film festivals and the film may release in mid year in India.

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