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It is difficult to make sequels of my films like Gadar or Ghayal today- SUNNY DEOL


By Jyothi Venkatesh

In what way is Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se different from its earlier two parts?

The idea was to make a good film obviously, because no one wants to make a bad film or for that matter a frivolous one. The characters in all the three films however are more or less the same and very relatable in this part too, like in the earlier two parts. We are hopeful and confident that the audiences will find it enjoyable as it is a result of efforts of many years.

Can you throw some light on the subject this time?

When you set out to do a franchise, it is considered a safe bet and hence distributors come forward. Basically Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se is a family subject which has been made keeping the various family members in mind. Bobby and I play the two brothers while papa is playing a lawyer in the film and is not related to us brothers in any way. The story is set in with a background of Punjabis and Gujaratis.

Who would you blame for your having been typed as an action hero in the industry though you are good at emotional roles too?

I’d lay the entire blame on the press but also the industry as a whole for saddling me with the image of the action hero. I am on my part trying to get into the skin of various characters to prove my versatility as an actor. Like in films Mohalla Assi which is stuck for over ten years unfortunately. It has me in a dignified role which is sure to be appreciated by all the fans with Sakshi Tanwar as my leading lady. Then there is Bhaiyyaji Superhit which is being readied for an early release after having been stuck in the cans for a long time. It has Preity Zinta as my leading lady.

Is it true that you have no other alternative but to struggle to get good roles and avoid getting typed?

The image that you are saddled with depends on the kinds of characters that you get and you have got to struggle to get roles day in and day out. The ambience in the industry has changed a lot now and it is sad that today people only want to make hit films which fetch good money at the box office unlike in the past when films were being made to please all kinds of audiences. It is sad that they are not as keen when you set out to make a good film which is not commercially viable at the box office

Don’t you feel that you had actually pioneered the era of action films?

I do not think I pioneered the era of action films because even before I was part of such films, there were actors like my papa and Amitji who shot to prominence in action films. If I played action roles, it was because it was the need of the situation. If your belief comes across in a scene, it makes the scene believable.

You have had a dry spell as far as your career is concerned, with films like Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, Singh Saab the Great, Dishkiyaoon, Ghayal Once Again and Poster Boys all tanking. What do you think is the reason?

Frankly speaking, I have not been getting roles that will take me notches higher as an actor. I haven’t come across a tangible subject like that. I am always hunting for good subjects to do rather than waiting for subjects to come to me. I confess I have aged now but can still play the kind of roles that I used to do earlier though I cannot play a teenager any longer. But I am actually clueless as to why filmmakers are not approaching me with good scripts.

Salman Khan is playing a guest appearance in Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se. How did you rope him in for the film?

Not only Salman Khan, but also a host of actors like Shatrughan Sinhaji, Rekhaji Sonakshi Sinha etc are doing guest appearances in Yamla Pagla Deewana. For this the credit ought to go to Salman Khan who sweetly offered to bring all the artistes for the Rafta Rafta song in the film.Sunny deol dharmendra bobby deol

How did the idea germinate?

It all started when Bobby was working with him in Race 3 and one day Bobby asked him casually if he would grace the film with a guest appearance.

Which are your films of which you want to be a part of the sequel too?

My fans want me to be in every sequel of my earlier hit films like Ghayal, Gadar or for that matter Damini but if it very difficult to make sequels of every hit film today. I feel that it is very difficult to make a sequel of my films like Gadar or Ghayal and only Damini can be made into a sequel but it is difficult to make a sequel of Apne as you have to justify the presence of not just one but three different characters in the film.

Was it easy or tough for you to make your entry in films with Betaab?

It is not at all easy to make your career in the film industry. I just wanted to be an actor after my papa launched me on a silver platter with Betaab but I did Arjun out of my own choice as I wanted to learn from my own mistakes. Fortunately for me, it clicked and I acted in films like Joshilaay, Yateem etc which did not. My thought process as an actor then was completely different from that of other stars like my dad and Shatrughan Sinha.

Was it a conscious strategy on your part as an actor to get for yourself explosive dialogues in almost every film in which you acted?

Whenever I delivered a dialogue as an actor, I did only my job as an actor and mouthed those lines and did not at all think did not expect they would be applauded whether it was Tariq Pe Tariq or for that matter Yeh Mere Dhai Kilo Ke Haath Hai. Frankly, you just cannot predict which dialogues in a film would click after the public laps them up and which would fall by the wayside after they reject it as you do not know whether a film will shape up according to the vision of the director. If a film is accepted by the audiences, you are a winner as an actor. SUNNY-DEOL-BOBBY-KRITI-KHARBANDA

Is a biopic on your dad on the anvil?

I do not think that a biopic can be made on my dad as it is a very difficult task. It can be considered only if we get the right director to do justice to

What next after Yamla Pagla Deewaana Phir Se?

After Yamla Pagla Deewana Phirr Se, both Mohalla Assi and Bhaiyaji Superhit are slated for release. I am now in talks with Rajkumar Santoshi for a project to be helmed by him.

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