“It Is Only By Instinct That I Take On A Role” Rajeshwari Sachdev

In this exclusive interview, the versatile and veteran actress RAJESHWARI AACHDEV tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that as an actor, one has to try to

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In this exclusive interview, the versatile and veteran actress RAJESHWARI AACHDEV tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that as an actor, one has to try to adapt the whole creative process and come in sync with various characters

What is your role in Firebrand?

I play a lawyer with Sonali Kulkarni and Usha Jadhav. Firebrand has been produced by Priyanka Chopra especially for Netflix

What is your role in the recently released Dombivli Return?

In Dombivli Return, I play a docile middle class housewife in Dombivli, who runs the house living with her husband Anant Velankar who works as a photographer in the PR department of the government. Interestingly like Firebrand has been produced by Priyanka Chopra, Dombivli Return has been produced by actor Sandeep Kulkarni.

How did you prepare for your part in Dombivli Return?

You are born to a Punjabi actor Indrajeet Sachdev who is a theater actor and wife of TV and film actor Varun Badola. How tough was it for you to act in Marathi films like Firebrand and Dombivli Return?

I have acted in not just one or two but as many as nine films in Marathi. They are Aaythya Gharat Gharoba, Sanhita, Aarambh, Ayyaah, Boond, Ek Saangaycha, Dombivli Return, Sakharpuda and last but not the least Firebrand and It was not tough at all for the simple reason that I was born and brought up in Mumbai in Maharashtra. I know Marathi well and also know to speak in the language enough though I should admit that it is not a language in which I think in. My mother is a Tamilian married to a Punjabi. Marathi language can never be a stress and I feel it is not at all difficult to master.

What role does money play when you decide to do a film?

Money, I feel is a always a very important part but as far as I am concerned, it has never been a deciding factor when I agree to do a film. I automatically start searching for things that excite me as an actor when I sit for the narration before I set out to agree to do a film and try to know what is the film all about and what do you have to do in the film as an actor as far as your character and its nuances are concerned.

What is the reason that you are very choosy about your roles as an actress?

The main reason I do not want to do each and every role that was offered to me is that I do not want to be a part of the rat race right from the time I had made my debut with Aaythya Gharaat Gharoba in Marathi 27 years back. Besides the fact is that you can pick only from what is offered to you. Not always the best of roles come to you, let’s be honest. All of us only get what is due as our share. I could have been part of some films which I was offered but I had rejected them

What is your approach towards acting as such?

As actors, we try to live the character with effortless ease by even twitching your eyes .It is only by instinct that I take on a role. As an actress s you can bring in elements to your part. As an actor, you have to try to adapt the whole creative process and come in sync with various characters. The working style may differ in different places because at the end of the day, each and every actor or director is actually working towards a goal

When you look back at your career, how would you evaluate your growth as an actress?

Like I said earlier, it is 27 years since I had started my career and till date I have acted in as many as 35 films. If at the age of 40, I can play with aplomb a character, who is 50 years old, it is fine, as far as I am concerned. When I look at the way my career has taken off, I feel that I have tried at many things, not only on TV but also on the stage and films. I have stopped thinking and started going with the flow. Frankly I am happy with the way my career ahs shaped till date and satisfied with whatever I have achieved as an actress. Today, Cinema is not just Cinema. I’d certainly be very thrilled to be the next Madhuri Dixit but not every actress can be a Madhuri Dixit.


With every new role that I set out to do, I would like to bring in a new character because I still am an actress without any image and can tackle any role without the baggage and I am happy with the while journey that I have had and am in a place where I am exploring many media and that too on my own terms and conditions as an actress. Because I feel that it is thrilling for the simple reason because it is not you. If someone on the audience notices you then you are definitely successful.

Any unfulfilled ambition that you have?

Till date I have not done any radio play. If you ask me, I’d love to do a radio play

Which are your five vest films as an actress till date?

Not just 5, but out of the 35 films in which I have acted till date, I can name at least none films which are among my best. They are Aaythya Gharaat Gharoba, Sooraj Ka Saatwa Ghoda,Sardari Begum, Little Buddha, Aaramb , Sanhita, Bhoond and last but not the least Firebrand and Hari Bhari in which though I was a 13 year old, I played a 26 year old woman.

What next after Dombivli Return and Firebrand?

After Dombivli Return and Firebrand, there is a web series called Dil Hi To Hai.

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