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It’s A Dream For An Actor To Work With Rajan Sir, Says Mohita Shrivastav


Jyothi Venkatesh

Mohita Shrivastav is excited for the leap of 3 years in Rajan Shahi’s Baavle Utaavle. Speaking on the revamp she says, ”My character has become a little mature now and has started working as a local model.  She does not have anyone to help her and even looks after her house single-handedly. She is very active in all of these things. I am very happy and excited about this change. it’s been a fun journey till now so looking forward to more fun and craziness. I have worked on my tone as well. My accent will change a bit as the character is not as slow as it was before.”

What is the best compliment you got so far for your character? “It feels nice when people say that I bring a smile on their faces. Someone said we watch your show and then talk like Sonu Bhabhi in normal life. My lines “What ho gaya?” and ” Uh la la” have become popular.”

Praising the maker Rajan Shahi she adds,” He is so humble and supportive. I am fortunate that I got this opportunity to work with him. His production house exudes a lot of positive energy just like him.”

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