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It’s Important To Carry On, Says Ridheema Tiwari

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Acting is an unpredictable profession and not having work for days together can be quite demotivating, says actor Ridheema Tiwari. This World Mental Health Day, the actor talks about you need to keep encouraging yourself in order to survive in the industry. “We, actors, go through stress as there is no certainty in this industry. But being actors we know exactly how to keep a smiling straight face and go about our work like all is well. It’s important to carry on. But when we are low, we are down, we feel like nothing is going our way, there is a voice within, a strength, a resilience that we have to find that tells us, ‘It’s not the end of the road, it’s just a bend in the road’. And sometimes it comes from a trusted friend, a mentor, a guide, a guru or in prayer (from God),” she says.The actor says bottling up your emotions and fears does no good. It’s important to share these. “I learned in this journey that sharing your problems (not on social media or in public) but with trusted ones and asking for help is the first step to healing and de-stressing. The right food for a healthy body and mind, the right thoughts, the right kind of meditation definitely can turn your mental health around for good. I also realized that avoiding addictions (food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex) is very important since that’s the escape we take in times of stress and unfortunately some even end their lives, feeling that there is no hope and no redemption. Be strong, keep the faith, life is beautiful,” she says.

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