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Jyothi Venkatesh

July 5 will witness another lunar eclipse taking over the sky. This is the third penumbral eclipse after the ones on January 10 and June 5. Spiritual healer Amiben Modi says more than the eclipse it’s our mentality that affects our lives. “It is believed that what cannot be seen by the naked eyes doesn’t really have any effects on the lives of the people. Moreover, the placements of every celestial body affects the people individually and lunar eclipse is no different. Regardless, it is nothing which cannot be handled. Even the solar eclipse was believed to be extremely fatal and heavy this year, but it’s not the eclipse that have true effects on our lives, it’s our own mentality and thoughts,” she said.

Talking about COVID-19, she says we have no choice, but to live with it, and added, “It is best to accept the situation and channelise the energy in building our immunity. I advise everyone to be cautious, eat healthy and drink a lot of hot water with lemon. It’s best to keep sanitising and keeping your body and mind clean.”She feels that in times like these it’s very easy to get stressed but that’s not going to make anyone’s life easier. She further said, “To cope with stress, one must try doing things that make them happy. Spend more time with family, take time out for hobbies, and use phones and gadgets as less as possible. Meditating always helps, too, so does good music.”

She also feels that people have forgotten the good things in life during this pandemic, especially since the work has resumed and the pressure has increased. “One must not abandon hope. Every single day has some goodness in it. Even the simplest and basic things bring with it something beautiful. Before sleeping, introspect for a while and think about all the things that have happened during the day. Recapitulate and go through the day again. Only then one will realise the blessings and be grateful. Being grateful is a habit and so is looking at the brighter side. It is easy to complain, but extremely unhealthy. I suggest comprehension and gratitude,” Amiben concludes.

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