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It’s Sad To See Women Feel Other Women Get Raped Due To Their Clothes, Say TV Actors


A video of a woman asking boys to rape a girl is short clothes seems to have taken the country by shock. This is what our TV actors tell JYOTHI VENKATESH about this.

Malhar Pandya 

Malhar Pandya 19_TV News

It’s very sad to know that a woman has passed such derogatory comments to another woman. Kudos to those girls who did not take this humiliation silently and raised the question to that lady that why women wearing burkhas, salwar suits or even small children get raped? It’s high time one should understand that every single person has the right to decide what they want to wear, do or speak. In my opinion, it’s all about one’s mentality and the way they see things. I urge everybody that if you see something happening wrong with anyone around you, please take a stand and do not ignore it.

Krishna Bharadwaj

Krishna Bharadwaj4_TV News

This thought process comes from patriarchy. Somebody who feels stronger than women, thinks they can do anything with them. They can rule them. Sadly, our society still thinks like that in most of the region of India. Till the time we will not teach the boys to behave and eradicate patriarchy, people will keep thinking like this. At the same time women need to learn to feel stronger and self-dependent.

Sumit Kaul

Sumit Kaul_TV News

I saw a little bit of the video and was definitely disturbed by what I saw. The lady represents a large number of us who have been laying the blame on women for any kind of abuse that comes their way. It is an attitude which is not called for and needs overhauling. Whatever she said represented an extremely discriminatory attitude towards the female gender. That she is a woman herself shows what her self worth would be. I’m sure she blames herself too. So more than the lady, it reflects on our society at large. It is very easy to pin point this one lady and make an example of her while not introspecting and looking at ourselves as to how much are we involved in our perpetrating this thought.

Ramman Handa

Ramman Handa3_TV News

It’s sad that people are forgetting that everybody has the right to live the way as they want. And who are we to judge anyone. It’s important to be free. Though we call ourselves living in Independent India but we are still in the clutches of society. We need to grow our mentality and become modern in the real sense. Till the time we don’t consider everyone to be equal and understand the real meaning of humanity, we cannot make India safe to live for anyone. Treat everyone as we want to get treated and be one that’s when we can make India a better and safer place to live.

Asmita Sood 

Asmita Sood (5)_TV News

People with such thinking should be educated more than anything else. They need to be educated and made aware about how even well clad women have been raped in the past. Such thinking is horrible and I don’t know what background this woman comes from but such people can only be removed from the system in due time with proper conditioning, education and awareness. This shows how people in our country are living in darkness which is a big issue.

Rehaan Roy 

Rahul Sharma6_TV News

This is truly ridiculous. This is a shame that women are bullying women. I think the problem is in education and by education, I don’t only mean education in school, we need to educate men, women and specially kids at home. I believe education starts from home. This is the only way that one can bring out a change and can make our country a better place for women.

Gaurav Gera 

Gaurav Gera1_TV News

The woman believed that she is correct. I guess she has even apologised for the same. But what I think is that this video was important to be out and spoken about because a lot of India still thinks like that.  A lot of people still think that girls should control their clothing otherwise men will do something to them, which I think needs to be changed. So, it’s an important video to be talked about because that’s the reality of our country. I feel it’s the time to change your thoughts.

Rahul Sharma 

Rahul Sharma6_TV News

It can be that the lady is frustrated about whatever is happening in our country. Lots of bad rape cases happen every day. Being a rape victim is a traumatic experience and a painful process for a lifetime. I have done a show which was about a rape victim. So, I can understand the anger that lady has. The only solution for these kinds of things in India is law. You need to have strict laws that in 5 days people who have done these crimes need to be punished in a very different manner.

Aniruddh Dave 

Aniruddh Dave (3)_TV News

I can say that social networking power is super power these days. I saw that video and I could really feel the power of social media the way that one video was spread all over. Of course, no one should pass such comments and you yourself being a lady and keeping such a mentality and passing such comments is very bad. I really want to appreciate the girls who uploaded that video and got it viral, as by doing that they are inspiring a lot of people. In fact, people with such mentality like the lady should be scared.

Sahil Anand 

Sahil Anand22_TV News

I saw that video and I still don’t believe that these types of people exist in our world. I really don’t consider them anywhere in my thoughts or I don’t think they exist. In fact, I don’t want them to exist because if we will have such people around us, we won’t be able to move ahead. It’s just that if a person is not able to carry themselves well, they get jealous of others. I feel it’s pure jealousy. Later on, I saw her picture in a dress, so I was just laughing at her.

Tinaa Dattaa 

Tinaa Dattaa2_TV News

I think that woman was either uneducated or maybe she was a psychopath because no one talks the way she was talking and behaving. All I have to say is that I have seen the video and I really appreciate those girls who took a stand for themselves and I really salute the woman, the mother of two daughters, who stood up for them.  I really appreciate that these girls were brave enough to take a stand for themselves and I really wonder what those guys were doing who were standing behind them. They were just enjoying the show and that’s the worst part of it, no one took a stand for those girls. No one even offered them help or supported them. I really wonder how that woman is going to raise her kids and what they are going to be like.

Jason Shah 

Jason Shah14_TV News

Sometimes people do these kinds of things just so that their video goes viral. If it is the reality and it is the truth then it’s a very sad thing that a women would tell a boy to rape a girl. It just doesn’t make sense. This is what is really out there, nobody respects anybody, everybody has their own opinion. I think people need to be a little open minded.

Jasmin Bhasin 

Jasmin Bhasin 4_TV News

I have seen the video and I feel such women raise their sons who grow up and rape women and not respect women. It’s very sad when women think like that. In a country where a woman herself thinks that girls should be covered otherwise men will rape them is very disgusting. I feel we women should support, strength and empower each other and not make each other feel small or bad about ourselves. I don’t know how she must have raised her son. Such women only raise such boys who molest women in the future. I feel sad for that lady and her thought process. I don’t think you can do anything to change people’s thinking. It’s with time that people realise that they are wrong and I hope somehow god makes that woman realise this.

Delnaaz Irani 

Delnaaz Irani._TV News

I saw this video and it was it was really disgusting to see this woman’s mind set. Imagine, she is a mother or sister of somebody  and this is the kind of knowledge or these are the kind of ideas that she has. This must be the kind of knowledge that she must be imparting in her children as well. So when a young man is growing up with a woman who already has these kind of thoughts in her mind, how do you think the man is going to turnout. He already knows that it’s okay that for every woman in a short skirt to be molested. This is the kind of teaching that you give your children. It is really disgusting because these are the kind of people who are actually the cause of a crime because their minds are corrupt. I don’t know how these people are going to change their thinking. I feel it’s lack of education, upbringing and positivity around.

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