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It’s selfie time in showbiz


A picture speaks a thousand words, and a selfie carries with itself, not just memories but also various expressions, emotions that only the one taking it remembers.

When JYOTHI VENKATESH asked a few celebrities about their favourite selfie, here’s what they had to say about it.

Prajwal Gupta

I clicked this picture when I was on the way to paragliding in Manali, this is my favourite selfie because after lockdown, it was my first trip to Manali with friends. I love my random look in it.

Zaan Khan

This is the selfie where I had long hair and a stubborn look that I experimented it for the first time. It turned out to be good.

Delnaaz Irani

This is precious because it’s of Percy and me on our recent trip to Lonavala.

Rohit Choudhary

I love all my selfies, but this is my most loved selfie because on this day something good happened with me.

Chandni Soni

I love this selfie of mine because after a long time I was partying with friends and I felt so good being out.

Sneh Binny

I admire Hrithik Roshan, and his presence in this pic made it super special for me.

Amit Mishra

I love this selfie of mine because it was a pleasant day and even on a sunny day I could feel the cold breeze.