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It’s Your Journey And Your Path. You Learn From Failures- Sikander Kher 


Lipika Varma

Is Sikander open to asking for work?How he got ,’ Milan Talkies”

I  go and ask people for  work.  I  messaged Tigmanshu Dhulia for work.  I told him I wanted to meet him and he said are you ready to play a villain. I said yes sir. I asked him if he wanted to see my show reel and he said he doesn’t need to.  He called  me and said you are on. He sent me the script.

Do you think you did not chose the right kind of work?

I assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Devdas.  No choice is wrong. Life is full of choices. So I can’t keep thinking about it. If I keep doing the right choices maybe I will be a hit. If I know it’s a wrong choice then nothing will be bad,.   It’s your journey and your path.  You learn from failures.

Do you miss mom[Kiron Kher]?

Mom comes to Mumbai for seven days a year.  I don’t have time. I miss her  a lot.  I dont want to join politics and now my focus is films so I keep talking and meeting directors and take ten minutes to show my show reel. I go for auditions and trying to get more work. I have Zoya factor which is ready for release on 5th April and  RAW which is all set for release on 12th April.  I play a Pakistani ISI agent.  I worked on the dialect.  I have finished shooting for the film. I am playing her brothers role in the film.  All the roles are different roles.  It’s a loving character and compassionate.  It’s a beautiful brother sister relations.

Do you miss not having a sibling?

I have missed a sibling it would  have been great and you learn a lot like sharing.  I would have been selfish in life but over years you learn  with introspection.  I look for company as I am an extrovert. Since I am an only child I don’t have inhibitions of talking to new people.  I have been friends with Abhishek .

Are you open to do web series?

If the script is good and the role is good I don’t mind doing Web series. So I have auditioned for it now.

My focus is completely on work. I have dated four girl who were not from the industry. We have to both get along only then I shall decide to get married. My mom wants grandchildren and she keeps telling me to get married. She wants me to have company.

Tell us something about mom [Kiron Kher]and dad Anupam Kher]?

She brought me up single handily and she came here to become a heroine. She gave up here dreams because of me.  She sacrificed for me. She was stunning when she was young.  She is so talented actor and she had the looks and she could have done so well and it didn’t work out. It was such a great sacrifice. Eventually she got so much craze when she started working.  For her now it’s tiring and it’s lot of hard work she is at an age when she should relax. But once she takes responsibility she goes all into it.  She still worried over me.  She treats me like a kid yet.  Her lifecenters around me. Kher saab is so busy and he never sits in one place.  He cant sit and he’s working there and doing very well.  My focus is on acting and I don’t want to get involved in his acting school.  If something comes from within then you do it. He built it with so much passion and hard work.

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