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Sejal says “Mai woh waali aurat hoon hi nahi jo apne fiancée ko chhod ke tour guide ke saath bhaag jaaye”. Harry responds by saying, “Hass le hass le. Baad mein pata chalega tujhe”. With that you know that Shah Rukh Khan is back to doing what he does best—making people fall in love with him. After his gangster biopic Raees, Jab Harry Met Sejal seems to bring King Khan back to his Rahul-Raj zone and we couldn’t be happier!

Jab Harry Met Sejal follows the journey of Sejal (Anushka Sharma), a simple Gujarati girl. All is well in Sejal-land, she’s engaged to someone back home in India and before marriage changes her life forever, she decides to go on a Euro trip (*insert major DDLJ feels here*). Just when she’s about to head back home, she realises that she has lost her engagement ring and the only one who can help her find the ring is none other than her arrogant, loud, Punjabi tour guide Harry (Shah Rukh Khan). This is when Sejal truly meets Harry. Sparks fly. Love happens. Hearts break. And what Harry and Sejal seek, seeks them.

First things first. Harry and Sejal look like a match made in heaven! Yes, we know how Shah Rukh Khan can pull off romance even with a scarecrow but there’s something really different here! Maybe it’s his off-screen friendship with Anushka that reflects here or Imitaz’s direction, whatever it may be, we love it! The trailer plays on that factor and tries to sell you nothing else but Harry and Sejal, also sticking to the name of the film. SRK’s last two outings have tested him as an actor (FAN & Raees) but this one falls right in his zone. He’s funny, he’s witty, he’s got his North Indian swag on and of course, there are his eyes, which make you weak in your knees and stare at the screen endlessly. On the other hand, Anushka compliments him really well. Her goofy Gujju-girl act brings a smile to your face. She seems to have gotten into the the skin of her character and we won’t be surprised if she walks away with all the awards this season. You see her and you feel that only Anushka could be Sejal. That is the kind of impact she has!

And if there’s a cherry on this cake, it’s the captain of the ship, Imtiaz Ali. Here’s a man who grows with each of his film and the best part is that he knows that! He considers his biggest commercial success Jab We Met as his most flawed film and that shows that the kind of passion he has for his work. Even with JHMS, barely a few seconds into the trailer and you know it’s an Imtiaz Ali film—even with a done-to-death premise, the film looks fresh. The picturesque locations, catchy music (Pritam seems unstoppable!), vibrant visuals and most importantly, a bevy of emotions; it’s all there! He brings out the best of his film in the trailer and generates the right kind of curiosity. We feel that there are a lot of film-makers in Bollywood today but only some of them are auteurs and Imtiaz is one of them.

Imtiaz’s last release Tamasha didn’t really make waves at the box-office and with a star cast like this, it is undoubtedly his biggest film yet. The pressure will be unimaginably high but if we’re to go solely by the trailer, Imtiaz seems to be on a mission to prove his critics wrong once again. On the other hand, after a mixed response to his last two films FAN and Raees, SRK would also be looking for a big hit and JHMS could well be it. The stage seems to be set for JHMS, which releases on 4 August 2017 and faces no competition at the box-office. Well, isn’t that obvious? We’ll be lining up for this one, first day first show! Watch the trailer here and get ready to book your tickets too!

Produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, Jab Harry Met Sejal releases on 4 August 2017.